July 5, 2011 Features

Convention Sessions for Associates

The 2011 ASHA Convention, Nov. 17–19 in San Diego, will include a number of educational sessions specifically designed for or of interest to audiology and speech-language pathology assistants. This preliminary list of courses may prove helpful as assistants and supervisors plan their convention schedules. For more information on convention, including registration, visit ASHA's Convention webpage.

Thursday, Nov. 17

Me? Audiology Technician? Backbone to Hearing Conservation in the Military
Explore the critical role of audiology technicians in the Navy's Occupational Hearing Conservation Program (one hour).

What's Trust Got to Do With It? Reimagining Workplace Ethics
SLPAs, audiology assistants, and their supervisors look at the value and importance of establishing and maintaining trust as a critical element of ethical practice (one hour).

Friday, Nov. 18

Hearing Conservation for Musicians
For audiology assistants, an overview of hearing loss and auditory symptoms among musicians and ways to help musicians protect their hearing (one hour).

What Did You Say? Improving Your Communication With Patients
SLPAs and audiology assistants review best practices for communicating with consumers in plain language to increase understanding and follow-through on recommendations (one hour).

Exploring the Nonfiction Literacy Experiences of Young Children
Review the research describing how 2- to 5-year olds develop nonfiction literacy (one hour).

Children's Normal CNS Auditory System: Do We Expect Too Much?
Assistants working with children who have auditory processing and comprehension difficulties will review the central nervous system (CNS) auditory system in young children (one hour).

Saturday, Nov. 20

Graduate School Applications: Tips for Success
Learn how to strengthen your graduate school application (one hour).

Serving Diverse Populations: The Influence of Culture and Language
Assistants will gain perspective on serving diverse populations by exploring the impact of culture and language on communication (one hour).

Welcome Speech-Language Pathology Assistants and Audiology Assistants
This special two-hour session for SLPAs and audiology assistants, preferably with their supervisors, will provide an overview of the new Associates Program, information on ethical and legal issues, and lessons learned in establishing and maintaining a successful assistant-supervisor relationship.

Fathers of Children With Hearing Loss: Feelings and Service Inclusion
Review of a national study on families with children with hearing loss that was conducted to determine how best to include fathers in service delivery (one hour).

How Children Develop Language
SLPAs will learn about normal language development in children and get tips for enhancing children's speech, language, and literacy development (one hour).


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