April 5, 2011 Columns

"Golden" Mega-sites for School-Based Clinicians

Several Internet sites provide an abundance of materials—some of these "mega-sites" are organized by an individual or organization with links to other resources. Some have many materials created by an individual or an organization; some have contributors who submit materials. All are worth exploring.

The sites included here are quite stable. However, the Internet is constantly changing; if you find a particular item you especially like, file away a hard copy in case the site disappears.

Each of the sites provided in this column may take days to explore. Creative clinicians will find hundreds of treasures and ideas to incorporate into their intervention sessions.

Judith Maginnis Kuster, MS, CCC-SLP, is a professor in the Department of Speech, Hearing, and Rehabilitation Services at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Contact her at judith.kuster@mnsu.edu. An archive of all of Kuster's columns can be found at www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster4/leader.html. URLs change, however, and there is no guarantee that links from previous columns are still functional.

cite as: Kuster, J. M. (2011, April 05). "Golden" Mega-sites for School-Based Clinicians. The ASHA Leader.


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