April 5, 2011 News

ASHF Offers Funding for New Investigators, Students

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation is now accepting proposals for several research grant competitions for student and new researchers:

  • New Investigator Research Grants
  • Research Grant in Speech Science
  • Student Research Grant in Audiology
  • Student Research Grants in Early Childhood Language

ASHF Offers Funding for New Investigators, StudentsNew Investigator Research Grants 

The ASHFoundation will award up to seven grants of $5,000 each to support new researchers (those who have received a master's or doctoral degree within the past five years). Proposals should have clinical relevance to audiology and/or speech-language pathology; proposals in the area of treatment research are encouraged. Deadline for applications is May 6.

Applicants may not have received prior research funding (except internal university funding) and proposals must be for research that has not yet begun. Students enrolled in a degree program are not eligible for this competition.

Several ASHA special interest groups (SIGs) provide supplemental funding for the New Investigator competition. Four groups will provide supplemental funding in 2011:

Research Grant in Speech Science 

The ASHFoundation, in conjunction with the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), will offer a $5,000 grant to a new researcher in the area of speech communication. This biannual grant is supported by an endowment fund in memory of the late Dennis Klatt, noted researcher and scientist, and is intended to promulgate his work.

Applicants must have received a doctoral degree in any field within the past five years, but the applicant's proposal must be for research in speech science. Students are not eligible for this award. Priority is given to areas reflecting Klatt's, such as speech perception, speech synthesis, and speech acoustics, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary research. Funds may be used to initiate new research or supplement an existing research project. Applications are due by May 6.

Student Research Grants 

Research grants of $2,000 each will be awarded to master's and doctoral students in communication sciences and disorders to initiate research projects under the guidance of a mentor. The deadline for applications is May 20.

Audiology—One grant, supported by the Ira M. Ventry and Brad M. Friedrich memorial funds, will fund new research in clinical or rehabilitative audiology.

Early Childhood Language Development—Two grants, supported by the Arlene M. Matkin Memorial Fund and ASHA Special Interest Group 1, Language Learning and Education, will support new research in early childhood language development. 

All awards will be disbursed and recipients honored at the 2011 ASHA Convention in San Diego, Nov. 17–19.

For complete guidelines and application materials, go to the Foundation's website or call 800-498-2071, ext. 8703.  

Beverly Ryan, ASHFoundation annual fundraising manager, can be reached atbryan@asha.org.

cite as: Ryan, B. (2011, April 05). ASHF Offers Funding for New Investigators, Students. The ASHA Leader.

Win Your Way to Convention 2011

The ASHFoundation is sponsoring the "Sensational San Diego Convention VIP Raffle" for a trip to the 2011 ASHA convention in San Diego, scheduled for Nov. 17–19.

  • The grand prize, with an estimated value of more than $2,400, includes:
  • Convention registration.
  • One-bedroom suite for four nights in an ASHA convention hotel. 
  • Limousine service from the airport to your hotel.
  • Dinner for two at one of San Diego's elite restaurants.
  • Two tickets to the ASHFoundation's special
    fundraising event.
  • Two tickets to the ASHFoundation Founders Breakfast.

The raffle winner will be selected and notified on Aug. 1. Tickets are $10 each or three for $25 (not tax-deductible). All proceeds from ticket sales support ASHFoundation grants and scholarships. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact the Foundation at 301-296-8704.

Make Your Tax Refund Money Well Spent

Expecting a tax refund this year? Your refund could contribute to the future of communication sciences and disorders. When is there a better time to make a charitable contribution then when you come into some extra cash?

Your donation to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation supports excellence in research and professional training in communication sciences and disorders that leads to new treatments and improved care for the millions who struggle with communication challenges. Your gift will be turned immediately into scholarship and research funding to support CSD advancements.

Give in—and do some good with your tax refund this year. Donate online or call 301-296-8704.


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