August 3, 2010 Features

My Planner: Create a Convention Schedule

With hundreds of sessions, poster presentations, special events, roundtables, lunch sessions, and networking opportunities, the ASHA Convention offers events and activities that meet just about every interest. How can you possibly figure out where you want to be—and when?

The answer is My Planner, an online organizational tool that can help all Convention attendees keep their schedules (and back-up plans!) straight.

To get the most out of your Convention experience, use My Planner to access and search more than 1,800 education sessions. My Planner can help you organize your selected sessions into an easy-to-read schedule that indicates the times and locations of your choices.

Convention participants are strongly encouraged to create their schedules and itineraries before arriving in Philadelphia. Convention participants also can use the My Planner room in the convention center to search for sessions. 

With this user-friendly tool, you can browse sessions or search by:

  • Topic
  • Title
  • Time
  • Presenter name
  • Keywords

Convention attendees can access and print handouts uploaded by presenters through My Planner. And, unlike print materials, the information on My Planner is always current.

Back-up Plans 

My Planner helps you plan your time at the Convention, but it does not guarantee admission to your selected sessions—some popular sessions may be filled to capacity when you arrive at the scheduled room. To avoid last-minute confusion, participants are strongly encouraged to select alternate sessions for each session they plan to attend. If a desired session is already filled, you will not have to spend time searching for an alternate selection.

To add sessions into your itinerary:

  • Select your first-choice session.
  • Search for an alternate session that occurs at the same time as your primary session and add it to your schedule.

For those who prefer to browse a printed schedule, a printable PDF document online lists all sessions. In addition, a printed program will be available at the Convention. 

For assistance with My Planner or answers to specific questions, e-mail


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