August 11, 2009 Feature

Custom Fit Your Marketing

Marketing includes everything you do to attract and retain customers: how you design your practice or your services to meet client needs and preferences, as well as the many ways you communicate with them. Every clinician should be involved in marketing to multiple audiences.

The following articles describe how hospital departments market their services to potential patients and to primary-care physicians who are referral sources. School administrators engage in statewide marketing to recruit and retain clinicians. School clinicians communicate with teachers and administrators to increase awareness of the value of their services. Private-practice clinicians need to market to potential patients as well as to referral sources.

Marketing your practice, profession, and credentials involves what you do and know best—communication. It can be as simple as excellent service and goodwill, or it can take the form of advertising or use of new media. These articles can help you build a marketing plan and suggest strategies that have worked for others. And in a recession, there is no better time to market yourself to maintain visibility and market share and emerge stronger as the economy recovers.

Communicating with Patients and Providers

Building an Audiology Practice

Recruiting, Retaining in Schools

Marketing During an Economic Downturn

Marketing Resources

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