2013–2014 Projects on Multicultural Activities

Addressing the Needs of Children with Limited English Proficiency During Speech Recognition Threshold Evaluation

Ishara Ramkissoon
University of South Alabama

Professional Development to Support Educators Working Above the Arctic Circle

Mary Towle Harmon
Northern Arizona University

Promoting a Global Mindset in CSD Internet-based Learning Course

A. Lynn Williams
East Tennessee State University

Training SLPs in the Pacific: Assessment Tool for Hawaiian Creole

Christine Fiestas
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Training to Enhance Services for ELLs (TESELL)

Brenda Gorman
Elmhurst College

2013–2014 Review Panel

Rajneet Bajnath
Kerry Danahy Ebert
Maria Claudia Franca
Reem Khamis-Dakwar
Sarah Konopka
June Levitt
Diane Frome Loeb
Amelia Medina
Carol Truett

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