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Advocacy in Action: A State Model of Change

Advocating for Change

Eligibility and Dismissal Criteria Including "Adverse Affect"

Frequently Asked Questions: Caseload and Workload

IDEA Influence

Implementation Guide: A Workload Analysis Approach for Establishing Speech-Language Caseload Standards in the Schools

RTI in Action: Oral Language Activities for K–2 Classrooms

RTI in Action, Grades 3–5: Oral and Written Language Actitivities for the Common Core State Standards

State Guidebook for the Salary Supplement Initiative

Workload Approach:  A Paradigm Shift for Positive Impact on Student Outcomes [PDF] - A Joint Statement from The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.; American Physical Therapy Association; and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. (2000). National data report 1999–2000: National Outcomes Measurement System. Rockville, MD: Author.

Cirrin, F., Bird, A., Biehl, L., Disney, S., Estomin, E., Rudebusch, J. Schraeder, T., & Whitmire, K. (2003). Speech-language caseloads in the schools: A workload analysis approach to setting caseload standards. Seminars in Speech and Language, 24(3), 155–180.

Texas Speech Language Hearing Association. (2010). Implementation guidelines for speech impairment with a fluency disorder. Available from [PDF].

Texas Speech Language Hearing Association. (2010).Implementation guidelines for speech impairment with an articulation disorder: Cultural & linguistic diversity (CLD) companion. Retrieved from [PDF, 9.1MB].

Additional Resources

U.S. Department of Education. (n.d.). Special education programs. Available from

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