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May 8, 2013

ASHA Online Chat: Changes in Hearing Health Care Delivery

ASHA Special Interest Group 8 (Public Health Issues Related to Hearing and Balance) is sponsoring a free, Live Online Chat on May 21, 2013, from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. EDT.

"Changes in Hearing Health Care Delivery: Practice Considerations for Dispensing Audiologists" is open to ASHA members and non-members, including students. Participants will discuss health care delivery changes and the effects on audiology services. The following panelists will be available to answer questions:

  • Stuart Trembath, MA, CCC-A, chair, ASHA Health Care Economics Committee (HCEC) and private practice owner
  • Lisa Satterfield, MA, CCC-A, director, Health Care Regulatory Advocacy, ASHA
  • Ingrida Lusis, director, federal and political advocacy, ASHA

Live online chats are not available for CEUs.


Congress, health care policy makers, and consumers are looking for ways to contain costs and increase the quality of services. Two practice models-bundled rates based on diagnosis and unbundled devices-reflect approaches driven by many economic, technologic, and accessibility factors. Increasingly, consumers are seeking health information on the Internet and have access to hearing aids with little or no audiologic services. Audiologists and audiology students need to be informed about business practice and reimbursement models and open to the changes proposed by Congress and to new health care delivery models.

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To preregister and receive an e-mail reminder, go to the Live Online Chat webpage and provide your e-mail address.

A review of these webpages can help you understand the subject matter and formulate questions to ask the panelists:

For information on the chat, please contact Pam Mason, ASHA's director of audiology professional practices, at

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