American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
February 1, 2010

Tell Your Members of Congress to Take Action on Therapy Caps Today!

Medicare Therapy caps returned on January 1, 2010 without an exceptions process. With no congressional intervention to either repeal the caps or extend the exceptions, Medicare beneficiaries in need of outpatient therapy services will be forced to either seek services at a hospital outpatient facility or pay out-of-pocket. The current $1,860 cap on speech-language pathology and physical therapy services is not enough for beneficiaries recovering from a stroke or other complex medical condition.

Both the House and Senate health care reform bills include a provision to extend the therapy cap exceptions process. However, with no clear end date on the passage of health care reform, hundreds of Americans will continue to go without the additional care they need. Addressing the therapy cap issue once and for all would allow beneficiaries to access the medically necessary care they need.

Please contact your members of Congress today and ask them to once and for all repeal the therapy caps or at a minimum extend the therapy cap exceptions process. If you have any questions regarding congressional action related to the caps, please contact Stefanie Reeves, ASHA's Director of Political Advocacy, at Questions related to Medicare's implementation of the caps should be sent to Kate Romanow, ASHA's Director of Health Care Regulatory Advocacy, at

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