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Regional Councilor Emily Conklin

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2014 - Emily ConklinMajor: Speech-language pathology

Expected Date of Graduation: May 31, 2016

University: University of Central Missouri

Area of Professional Interest: Autism

Connect with other students in Region 8: Region 8 Facebook page, ASHA Community Region 8

I joined NSSLHA because: I am applying for a position on the NSSLHA Executive Council because I live closely by the quote "Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good." As a future speech-language pathologist, I hope to do "good" in the lives of the people I work for and with. As a member of the NSSLHA Executive Council, I will promise to put forth my best work on any task each and everyday in order to improve the field of speech-language pathology for students. I would like to see NSSLHA continue to help to build connections and furthermore, the relationships between students, professors, future employers and resources. I think having a good professional networking system is vital to both the personal growth and opportunity of speech-language pathology students and their clients. I would like to see NSSLHA continue to help students make these partnerships, which they can refer to when beginning and throughout their career.

Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses: I would personally list a few of my leadership strengths as the ability to work well with others, speak publicly, and always put my best foot forward in all of my work. As far as weaknesses go, I can be a perfectionist at times, which has potential to be both a negative and a positive quality. As a regional councilor, I hope to add more connections to my personal professional network in order to better branch out in the National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association. I believe this will enrich my knowledge and increase my resources to better benefit the work I do for my region.

Regional Delegate Ashton Hay

2014 - Ashton HayContact:

Major: Audiology

Expected date of graduation: May 31, 2017

University: Louisiana Tech University

Area of professional interest: Cochlear Implants

I joined NSSLHA because: I would like to see NSSLHA reach out to more universities with active NSSLHA undergraduate chapters. While in undergrad our NSSLHA chapter was very small and we found it hard to try and get members motivated to want to help volunteer and promote NSSLHA. I'd like to see NSSLHA, with the help of regional counselors, offer guidance and support to help chapters recruit students and really start getting serious about advocacy. I think that the biggest benefit NSSLHA gives to students is the ability to network at conventions such as ASHA. I've had the fortunate opportunity of meeting other audiology students and audiologists from around the country and I wish to share opportunities such as this to my fellow peers, as many of us are seeking jobs in different areas of the country than where we're originally from. I also think that NSSLHA's website is another benefit to students. The website is a fantastic resource that answers many questions that students have about academics, continuing education, and research.

Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses: Leadership strengths I possess range from stepping up and (frequently) taking control or offering extreme guidance to my peers when they are seeking help and when help is needed. Taking a leadership course in undergrad has helped me as I lead. My biggest strength is not being too proud to ask for help. I've been in many situations where I was the chair person of some type of event or position and during every meeting I always asked my peers if they had any suggestions, opinions, or concerns. I've always felt that getting suggestions of my peers has helped bring us closer together and has helped us become successful in everything that we do. Another strength I possess is the ability to carefully listen to my peers on topics/debates, etc., and be unbiased. I feel that to be a successful leader it's important to be unbiased and listen to what our peers have to say, because many times peers can provide adequate reasoning and explanation to discussions which in turn would/could greatly benefit our organization. Lastly, another strength of mine is being extremely organized and on top of my duties, which is extremely important in the field of audiology and of course, in graduate school. A weakness I have always had as a leader is lacking the ability to say no. I want to help my peers as much as possible, especially when I can see that they need help. I put others needs before mine and even though I still put in 100% effort, I sometimes put "too much on my plate." It's something that I've been continuing to work on, especially since starting graduate school this past fall. If I get elected to regional councilor I would really like to develop better delegation skills in terms of having organized, and efficient meetings without getting too off topic or having side comments going on while meetings are in session. I would also like to take on more roles and responsibilities within committees in NSSLHA.

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