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Changes to the NSSLHA Executive Council are currently in progress. Updated information will be available July 1, 2016.

Regional Councilor and Council Vice-President Marie Severson

Contact Marie at [email protected].

Region 7 : Gold

2015-2016 - Marie SeversonMajor: Communication Science and Disorders

Expected date of graduation: May 31, 2015

University: University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point

Connect with other students in Region 7: ASHA Community Region 7

I joined NSSLHA because: The biggest benefit that NSSLHA gives to students is the opportunity to expand on the knowledge already being taught to us in our coursework. NSSLHA provides priceless student-led experiences which enrich our time in school and prepare us for the professional world. When students at my school as me what my favorite parts of being a member are, I always make sure that I mention the ways in which NSSLHA brings members together and promotes a cohesive environment for all students. My NSSLHA chapter is comprised of mostly undergraduate students and we are all working so hard to achieve great grades and extracurricular experiences. I think it's easy to forget that we are all in this together, many students focus on the competitiveness of the program but NSSLHA provides a welcoming environment for students to work together to achieve common goals. I would like to see NSSLHA continue to positively impact students. I believe that this organization is doing the right things to get students involved and excited about their intended fields. I would like to expand on ideas already in place within my region. I am interested in getting more students involved in their chapters whither that be by joining their local chapter or getting more involved within their schools and communities. As a personal goal, I am interested in finding a way to take the great ideas certain chapters have and share them with all NSSLHA chapters, perhaps as a message board or discussion forum. I have always been interested in finding a way to bring chapters from different locations together to share their knowledge.

Leadership Strengths and Weakness: I am extremely passionate about my organization as well as my intended field of speech-language pathology, which fuels my role as a leader. Throughout my current leadership position I have developed a personal set of core values which focus on important ideas such as inclusion and cohesiveness. I make a point to picture myself in the shoes of members when addressing a situation to ensure that I consider a wide range of perspectives. I believe that I have a range of personal qualities which enable me to interact with all kinds of personalities effectively. I am very dedicated and detail-oriented; I make sure that I give my all in everything I do. I enjoy other people and their ideas and I love starting with a small idea and watching it bloom into something great once everyone adds their opinions and knowledge. I enjoy getting things done myself; my first instinct is to do everything. I have learned to let others take on tasks and to feel comfortable doing so. I know that if I am elected as Regional Councilor I will have an incredible opportunity to impact my peers as well as learn from esteemed executives. I hope to perfect and build upon my professional skills as well as gain an understanding of how the organization functions on a larger scale.

Regional Delegate Rebecca Pearson

2015 - Rebecca PearsonContact: [email protected]

Major: Speech-language pathology 

Expected Date of Graduation: May 31, 2016

University: Illinois State University

I joined NSSLHA because: The biggest benefit that NSSLHA gives to students is the abundance of opportunities for them to connect with other professionals, apply the knowledge they learn in the classrooms to the field in real life, and collaborate with other students that have the same passions as they do. By engaging in activities such as volunteer work, listening to professional guest speakers, and raising money for charity, NSSLHA allows for students to actively participate and explore the field of communication sciences and disorders before they earn their degree. NSSLHA not only helps students explore the field, but it also offers students an opportunity to network with other students and professionals through attendance at national conventions, philanthropic events, and motivational workshops. Without NSSLHA, I would have not found the inspiration and encouragement I yearned for while pursuing my degree as an undergraduate student.

Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses: I believe one of my greatest strengths as a leader is being able to understand the perspective of other individuals. I frequently put myself into the shoes of others to understand the thinking from their viewpoint, which has helped me to become a culturally competent individual. Throughout the past four years, I have taken what I learned in the classroom and experienced it first-hand through participation in cultural dinners, attending programs with guest speakers, and traveling to various locations for service trips. These experiences have enabled me to work well with individuals from wildly different backgrounds, whether it is a difference in education, leadership styles, culture, or values. As I look to further my education in the upcoming years, I am proud to have learned that there is always more than one correct way of viewing a situation. Another strength I believe I possess is my strong sense of ethics and honesty that has allowed me to be an exemplary leader. As Vice-Chair of the College of Arts and Sciences College Council, I am the representative voice of the students within the College and vote on various issues, including how much funding is donated to each department per requests. I learned to use the power of my position to serve the greater good of the College as a whole, giving equal and fair opportunities to each department, instead of serving my own interests and benefiting my own department more than the others. By making honest and ethical behavior a key value in my life, my leadership skills have only improved, especially when working as a team with other individuals. Even though I believe I possess a wide variety of strengths as a leader, there is always room to improve upon a person's weaknesses. My greatest weakness is that I sometimes spend more time than necessary on a task because of my desire for perfection. I also frequently take on tasks that could certainly be delegated to another individual. My yearn to perfect a project I have contributed to has never led me to miss a deadline, but it does affect my ability to easily move on to a new task or assign tasks to others I am working with. Throughout the past year, I have forced myself to improve upon this skill when working with others in group projects for a class or when collaborating with other members of a student organization to plan an event. I hope to continue to strive to make this weakness a strength in the future. As a regional councilor, I hope to gain and strengthen my abilities to communicate effectively with others, motivate individuals towards accomplishing a common goal, and think critically to provide the best possible solutions to problems. By working with other students and professionals from other regions, I am confident that I will be exposed to an immense amount of experiences that will shape me to not only be an exemplary leader for NSSLHA, but as a professional speech-language pathologist one day as well.