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Regional Councilor and Council President Chelsea Franzluebbers

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Frabzluebbers_ChelseaMajor: Speech-language pathology

Estimated Date of graduation: May 2014

University: University of Kansas

Area of professional interest: Language and literacy

Connect with other students in Region 6: Region 6 Facebook page, ASHA Community Region 6

I joined NSSLHA because: NSSLHA provides students with a plethora of benefits. I feel the biggest benefit provided to students through NSSLHA is the opportunity to advocate for themselves as professionals and their future profession. There are a variety of outlets that make this possible. Students receive e-mail updates through the ASHA Action Center to personally contact their legislative representatives. They also are able to participate in the ASHA/NSSLHA Student Hill Day and Virtual Advocacy Day. These opportunities provide students the mechanism in which to stay informed and be up-to-date on the legislation that directly affects students and professionals in the communication sciences and disorders field. Another great way students can advocate for themselves and the profession is by staying informed through ASHA journals and Perspectives. It is important after students graduate to be aware of new research being published to provide the best possible services to clients. By being informed and active in the field, students are able to then better advocate for the clients they will be serving. NSSLHA is the perfect channel for students to begin growing as professionals by advocating for themselves and the profession early in their academic career.

I applied for a position on the NSSLHA Executive Council because: I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the NSSLHA Executive Council the past two years in the role of Region 6 Regional Councilor. I am applying for a second term on the Council to continue to reach out to NSSLHA members in region 6 and help raise awareness for the great programs NSSLHA has to offer. NSSLHA is a great organization that provides students with the opportunities to advocate, stay up-to-date with the latest research through top-tiered journals, and be active at their colleges and universities at the local and national levels. I have been honored to be a member of the Council and contribute by keeping my region updated on NSSLHA benefits by presenting at state conferences, sending newsletters, and speaking personally with chapter advisors and presidents. I would like to continue to grow in my leadership skills, reach out to more students, and raise awareness about NSSLHA and the benefits it has to offer to students.

During my two-year term on the council I will be successful if: I would like to see NSSLHA continue to reach out to more students in the regions. Over the past year, students on the council have been finding more and more creative ways to inform students of the programming that is available to them. I would like to this initiative continue and improve in the future. I would also like to see NSSLHA find more ways to unite all students. NSSLHA encompasses such a vast number of student types such as speech-language pathology, audiology, distance learning, PhDs, masters, and undergraduates to name a few. Finding ways to meet the needs of the many students in the communication sciences and disorders field can be difficult, but NSSLHA is a strong organization of hard-working students, faculty, and staff that can find a way. I would love to see growth in NSSLHA numbers and programming interest among all regions, and I would love to be a part of this in a second term on the council.

Regional Delegate Jeffery Millspaugh

Jeffrey MillspaughContact:

Major: Speech-language pathology

Expected date of graduation: May 2015

University: Wichita State University

I joined NSSLHA because: I believe that NSSLHA has more to offer than most students think. Many of the students I have talked with only know about the ASHA membership discount that they are eligible for after two years of NSSLHA membership. The real benefit in joining NSSLHA is that you get to create life-long ties with others in the field. There are endless opportunities to meet other like-minded individuals, whether they are students like myself or have been working in the field for thirty-plus years. Recently, I was able to attend a Legislative Day event at our capital in Topeka, where I met many great people that share a common goal in advocating for our field and for those we serve. The connections we can make by being involved with NSSLHA are priceless.

I applied for a position because: I am passionate to see the local chapters get more involved in advocating for our clients' needs. There is a lot that can be done to help fulfill our duties as speech-language pathologists and audiologists and I believe that the best way to do this is to create connections with members of ASHA, our legislation, and local speech, language and hearing chapters. By running for the NSSLHA Executive Council I will be reaching out beyond the limits of my local university chapter at Wichita State.

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