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Changes to the NSSLHA Executive Council are currently in progress. Updated information will be available July 1, 2016.

Regional Councilor Erin Gallagher

Contact Erin at [email protected].

2015-2016 - Erin GallagherMajor: Communication Science and Disorders

Expected date of graduation: December 31, 2015

University: The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Area of professional interest: Pediatric and adult cochlear implants and supportive speech-language intervention

Connect with other students in Region 5: ASHA Community Region 5

I joined NSSLHA because: The process of transferring from a career in marketing to an education in communication sciences had me overwhelmed with questions initially. My membership in NSSLHA has given me a solid resource to find the answers to many of my questions and has provided me with a network of students and professionals to contact if needed. Now being fully acclimated to my new role as a student studying to become a speech-language pathologist, I have had the opportunity to further discover the benefits of a NSSLHA membership. Gaining access to the ASHA journals has proven very beneficial in furthering my studies and enhancing my clinical experiences as well as having access to the compendium of evidence-based practice guidelines and reviews. NSSLHA also is an association that strives to not only offer students the opportunity to connect with other students and professionals, have resources to enhance the academic experience, or offer scholarships to provide students with financial assistance, NSSLHA also works to raise funds to support individuals living with communication disorders. NSSLHA strives to provide services and advocate for all those involved in communication sciences and disorders, both students and the community alike, and being a member of an organization with such high ideals makes me strive to be a better student and future clinician. I would like to see NSSLHA further inform students of the benefits of membership and have a more apparent role on campuses and within local communities.

Leadership strengths and weaknesses: Through past personal civic engagement experiences, I have proven effective in organizing and carrying out fundraising activities. In doing so, I displayed an ability to create work plans, stick to deadlines, gather support, and rally for involvement. It is my hope that I can carry these strengths with me into my role as an executive council member. I would hope to further strengthen my abilities of networking and working within a group to achieve common goals.

Regional Delegate Nicole Caputi

2015 - Nicole CaputiContact: [email protected]

Major: Speech-language pathology

Expected date of graduation: August 31, 2015

University: University of the District of Columbia

Area of professional interest: Autism, geriatrics (aphasia)

Leadership strength and weaknesses: My name is Nicole Caputi and I am applying for the position of Region 5 delegate. I believe I represent a different kind of NSSLHA member as I am older than most graduate students (30 years old) and a career-changer. I graduated and worked in marketing before returning for a second bachelor's degree in communication sciences and disorders following my father's stroke. I also worked for three years as an SLPA prior to entering graduate school. One of the best decisions I made upon beginning my graduate study was joining the NSSLHA chapter at the University of the District of Columbia. Currently, I serve as the Member-at-Large on the Executive Board, which has given me the opportunity to lead on a number of committees and projects, most recently organizing the Student Hill Day. Planning this event has allowed me to showcase my leadership strengths, including successfully managing my time between my course work and NSSLHA duties successfully, motivating others to participate, effectively communicating details, and delegating tasks when necessary. I'm a strong communicator who takes time to listen to the ideas of others. I'm patient, creative, and always looking for ways to improve, both personally and professionally. Additionally, I truly enjoy and make an effort to get to know others. This has allowed me the opportunity to know the strengths that others may bring to a project or event. My leadership weakness is that I am sometimes too self-critical and a perfectionist. This causes me to focus too much on the small details instead of seeing the big picture. Additionally, I'm so passionate about this field and want to soak up knowledge about every aspect and take advantage of all opportunities, but I've learned that it is important to let others in a group shine as well. If chosen for this position, there are so many experiences that I look forward to. I hope to gain skills through developing ways in which students may connect more openly and frequently within and across their regions. This may include planning and engaging in social, volunteer, and advocacy events within our region or sharing ideas via conference calls or social media outside our regions. I feel that many NSSLHA chapters may have successful events that other chapters would greatly benefit from knowing about. We all share a future profession and could be each other's greatest champions and advocates. Creating this personal and professional relationship among students across many regions could benefit us not only now, but for many years to come. It would be such an honor to serve in this position and thank you so much for your consideration.