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Changes to the NSSLHA Executive Council are currently in progress. Updated information will be available July 1, 2016.

Regional Councilor Alexandra Perrault

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Region 4: Orange

2015-2016 - Alexandra PerraultMajor: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Expected date of graduation: May 2015

University: University of Cincinnati

Connect with other students in Region 4: ASHA Community Region 4

Interest Statement: I feel that as an undergraduate student in communication sciences and disorders, my best experiences were through my NSSLHA chapter. Participating in and eventually serving as a leader for NSSLHA taught me so much about the field and the profession, allowing me to develop a true passion for speech-language pathology. NSSLHA provided me with multiple opportunities to network, serve others, attend conventions, learn about various specialties within the field, and collaborate with other students interested in the same topics. NSSLHA has provided me with so many invaluable experiences, and now I want to be able to give back to NSSLHA and help maximize the NSSLHA experience for other students like me. The experience and knowledge I have gained during my undergraduate career have prepared me for the tremendous responsibility of serving as the Region 4 Councilor. After attending the ASHA Convention this past fall, I learned a lot about The NSSLHA Experience, the expectations of the national NSSLHA executive members, and about the collaboration between ASHA and NSSLHA. This experience and further research I conducted to learn more about NSSLHA motivated me to apply for this position. Also, as a NSSLHA officer, I had firsthand experience with the national NSSLHA grants and honors application processes, and I would love to advocate for these opportunities as a Councilor. Finally, as I currently serve as both a teaching assistant and mentor for younger NSSLHA members, I discovered that I have a passion for teaching and guiding others. I believe this passion would be my biggest motivator to consistently give 100% of my efforts to national NSSLHA during my potential term as Region 4 Councilor.

The Future of NSSLHA: I would love to see more publication via social media and the ASHA website of what NSSLHA chapters nationwide are doing to promote awareness about communication disorders. There are so many wonderful things going on at the University of Cincinnati, where I participated actively in NSSLHA, as well as in various chapters across the country and it would be wonderful to see those events better publicized. That way, chapters can get ideas from other schools for future events and it will promote awareness nationwide.

I would also like to see more involvement in the Charge Up Your Chapter contests at the ASHA Convention. As I was responsible for the University of Cincinnati's Charge Up Your Chapter submissions, I believe this experience was wonderful and taught me a lot about the missions behind ASHA and NSSLHA. I were elected I would work to promote Charge Up Your Chapter and encourage NSSLHA chapters across my region to submit entries to the various contests. I would also like to bring back the poster contest for Charge Up Your Chapter.

A final idea for the future of NSSLHA would be to further student interest in the ASHA's Special Interest Groups. I plan to join a SIG this upcoming year as I begin graduate school, and I believe that SIGs are the perfect opportunity for students to begin networking and building relationships with professionals in their area of interest.

NSSLHA Benefits: The biggest benefit of being a NSSLHA member is absolutely the relationships you build with other students and professionals in the field. For example, without NSSLHA, I would not have attended the ASHA Convention and had the opportunity to meet various researchers and professionals from across the nation. In addition, the camaraderie felt between students during The NSSLHA Experience at events such as the Knowledge Bowl and the NSSLHA Honors Ceremony is so unique to our field and I value these experiences greatly.

Though I do believe The NSSLHA Experience is wonderful for students at the ASHA Convention, I would improve the Graduate School Fair at the ASHA Convention. This past year, I was really looking forward to meeting with representatives of graduate programs, and the number of schools who had representatives at the Convention was surprisingly low. I would attempt to work with NSSLHA chapters across the nation to encourage them to have their school represented at the Graduate School Fair. This not only helps undergraduates, but it also helps each university further student interest in their programs!

Regional Delegate Haley Kissel

2015-2016 - Haley KisselContact:

Major: Communication science and disorders

Expected date of graduation: May 2018

University: Purdue University