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Regional Councilor Kate Carstens

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2014_KatieMajor: Speech-language pathology

Expected date of graduation: April 2014

University: University of Cincinnati

Connect with other students in Region 4: Region 4 Facebook page, ASHA Community Region 4

I joined NSSLHA because: I believe the biggest benefit that NSSLHA gives to students is networking and opportunity within the field. Unfortunately at the undergraduate level there is not a lot of hands-on experience within the major until you are a senior in the program. Therefore, NSSLHA is crucial in helping students become more knowledgeable about the field and it serves as an aid in connecting students with other students and professionals who have similar goals and interests. The organization presents engaging opportunities that are not only helpful in resume-building but are also fun to participate in! Without NSSLHA, I would not have gained the strong support system I have with other students, UC professors, and outside professionals; nor would I have been exposed to opportunities such as attending national and statewide conferences.

I applied for a position on the NSSLHA Executive Council because: I am applying for a position on the NSSLHA Executive Council because I am confident in my abilities to oversee and encourage the professional and social development of NSSLHA chapters across the Midwest. My involvement in the NSSLHA chapter at the University of Cincinnati has prepared me to excel in this prestigious position. When I started my college career as a freshman in communication sciences and disorders at the University of Cincinnati, I was determined to be involved in my major as much as possible. The instant I heard about NSSLHA, I began to seek out opportunities to lead both in formal roles and in the overall development of the organization. As a sophomore, I was appointed recruitment chair and I jumped at the opportunity to help encourage more students to be involved in an organization that had already been so instrumental in my life. Attending the ASHA Convention in San Diego, California, was a monumental experience in my life. Although I was most likely the youngest in attendance and did not fully understand many topics covered in various sessions, I tried my hardest to absorb as much information as possible and expand my knowledge on the field. I remember NSSLHA Day quite vividly that year because UC was awarded NSSLHA chapter of the year! Being in a room filled with so many NSSLHA chapters was an incredible feeling. I loved how enthusiastic each of the regional councilors were for their regions and I remember thinking to myself, maybe that could be me someday! Currently I serve as the University of Cincinnati's NSSLHA secretary. I have been working diligently in assembling 18 silent auction baskets for our annual Communication Sciences and Disorders Banquet. All the money we raise from these baskets goes directly to organizations and foundations helping people with communication disorders. It is very rewarding to know that all my hard work is going towards a field I am very passionate for. Recently, I was appointed to serve as UC's NSSLHA chapter president in the upcoming academic school year. I am excited to lead such an amazing group of students and I look forward to it being a very successful year. I have absolutely loved serving UC's chapter and would be honored in the opportunity to lead Region 4.

I will be successful if I accomplish: I would like to see NSSLHA collaborate with other chapters more. Ultimately we are all in this together and are the future of speech-language pathology and audiology. I want to see chapters work together and share openly with one another what they are doing to retain the success of their organization. At NSSLHA Day at ASHA I did not feel that there was a lot of time to get to know other chapters. I would like to brainstorm ideas that would help chapters, especially in each region, become more united instead of being separated at a table during the NSSLHA banquet or a certain set of chairs during the Knowledge Bowl. ASHA is a great time to develop new friendships and there should be more opportunities to do so for NSSLHA. Also, I would like to see NSSLHA bridge the gap between graduate and undergraduate students. As seen at ASHA, some NSSLHA chapters are composed of only graduate students and some only have undergraduate students. I am interested in exploring why this is and would like to see more interaction between graduate and undergraduate students.

Regional Delegate Molly Murrison


Academic status: Undergraduate

Major: Communication science and disorders

Expected date of graduation: April 2014

University: University of Cincinnati

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