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Regional Councilor Cynthia McGuire

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2014_CynthiaMajor: Speech-language pathology

Estimated Graduation Date: July 2014

University: University of West Georgia

Area of interest: Corporate speech, higher education, and voice

Connect with other students in Region 3: Region 3 Facebook page, ASHA Community Region 3

I joined NSSLHA because: The opportunity to enhance students' education by learning how to advocate for our profession, educate our local communities about our profession, as well as an outlet for philanthropic events. I believe being a part of professional organizations is essential to becoming a well-rounded, knowledgeable speech-language pathologist. NSSLHA offers this opportunity by giving students "members only" access on the ASHA website, access to ASHA Journals, a subscription to The ASHA Leader, a reduced registration to ASHA Convention, membership conversion discount, and so on. Being a part of NSSLHA offers students the opportunity to experience what it is like being a professional having work expectations as well the requirement of being a part of a professional organization and obtaining CEUs.

I applied for a position on the NSSLHA Executive Council because: Taking a leadership role within NSSLHA will allow me the opportunity to serve as a leader on a national level with my fellow Regional Councilors in an effort to continue making changes that benefits our members. I have been a part of my local NSSLHA chapter since I was a junior in undergrad, then I served as the undergraduate representative for my class, and I currently serve as vice president of my local chapter. I am also currently serving as co-chair of the Student Affairs Committee on the Executive Council for Georgia Speech-Language Hearing Association. I intend on continuing my education to obtain a doctorate to be able to become an educator of communication sciences and disorders to help instill this passion in future SLPs and audiologists. My passion and dedication as a leader for the profession has driven me to pursue being a part of NSSLHA Executive Council.

I will be successful if I accomplish: Continue working with ASHA by defining the place of a future SLP during their clinical fellowship year. Someone that is in their CFY cannot join ASHA but they are no longer considered a student, therefore it is unclear if they can be a part of NSSLHA. This is one of the many reasons why I would like to be apart of the NSSLHA Executive Council because I believe it is our duty as a student organization to continue offering our support to future speech-language pathologists during their last and most critical year of their education before becoming a speech-language pathologist. I would also like to see NSSLHA making a conscious effort to bridge the gap between the national organization and the local chapters, as well as increasing student awareness and membership on the national level.

Regional Delegate Barbara Paschall


Major: Communication Science and Disorders

Expected date of graduation: May 2016

I joined NSSLHA because: Throughout the time of my involvement in NSSLHA, I have realized the biggest benefit is unity...not only campus wide, but on a regional and national level as well. For undergraduate and graduate students it is pertinent to realize we are all in this together. We constantly seek to be an advocate for students and it is apparent on campus. Being a member of NSSLHA forms a special bond between students that is indescribable. On a regional and national level, unity can be distinguished by the NSSLHA forums and ASHA journals. As members we are given significant tools that strengthen our academics and networking. Every aspect of unity that NSSLHA offers will overall enhance the quality of students entering our field.

I will be successful if I accomplish: I have seen firsthand the positive impact NSSLHA has had on our campus and community. I would like to expand NSSLHA's influence. In order to accomplish this I want to focus on increasing membership and participation. It is pertinent to reach out to students and inform them of the opportunities NSSLHA provides. I hope to enable students to act; I hope to inspire their visions and shed light on the fact that they can make a difference. My second objective is to increase communication between chapters. Within our chapter alone we are able to accomplish great feats and I am positive if we improved communication with other chapters our opportunities would be endless.

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