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Changes to the NSSLHA Executive Council are currently in progress. Updated information will be available July 1, 2016.

Regional Councilor Michelle Rainville

Contact Michelle at [email protected].

Region 2: Green

2015-2016 - Michelle RainvilleMajor: Communication Science and Disorders

Expected date of graduation: May 2015

University: SUNY– New York College at Plattsburgh

Connect with other students in Region 2: ASHA Community Region 2

I joined NSSLHA because: I joined my NSSLHA chapter originally to meet more people in the communications disorders and sciences major. However, I soon quickly learned that NSSLHA had much more to offer other than networking. The opportunities which I have been able to participate in through my NSSLHA chapter are one of a kind. We are able to volunteer throughout the community, raise money for charities, and create stable bonds with our college professors. I hope to see NSSLHA continue with these wonderful endeavors as well as incorporate new ones.

Leadership strengths and weaknesses: As a leader I have the ability to work, communicate, and plan well with others. Last semester I was a teacher's assistant for Dr. Raymond Dominico's class, CDS 240. During this time, I learned much, including lecturing skills. Before, I was not a strong instructor and this opportunity helped me to strengthen this skill. I often would host review sessions for the students which allowed me to develop my abilities as an instructor. Currently, I tutor for that class as well as other CDS classes at Plattsburgh State University. Thanks to each of these experiences I was able to continue to perfect my skills leading and teaching others. As I have mentioned I am still working on these skills but they are improving daily. Lastly, as a result of these experiences, I was granted the opportunity to also work at the CDS office front desk. In this position I interact all day with clients, clinicians, and professors. It is my hope that as a Regional Counselor I will be able to continue developing these skills; either by interacting and meeting new people or by performing skill-strengthening activities.

Regional Delegate Marsha Jones Wilson

2015 - Marsha Jones WilsonContact: [email protected]

Major: Speech-language pathology

Expected date of graduation: December 31, 2016

I joined NSSLHA Because: The biggest benefit NSSLHA gives to students is the instrumental support and resources educationally and professionally. NSSLHA is continually offering support to members nationally who are transitioning from undergraduate to graduate school, and from an educational setting to a professional setting. Also, it provides tools to members to access ASHA journals and other professional resources. NSSLHA also importantly prospers in engaging students in activism by encouraging participation in Advocacy Day; members gain an active role in governmental processes, which affects varying aspects of both educational and professional life. I would like to see NSSHLA offer additional support and have added involvement in assisting chapters within the region to be more collaborative. I intend to get local chapters to come together and do more that is share and explore ideas to increase membership.

Leadership strengths and weaknesses: My contribution in the NSSLHA chapter at Long Island University Brooklyn has equipped me to be proficient in this esteemed position as a Regional Delegate. I come with a willingness to share my skills, knowledge and experience and to learn from NSSLHA so as to empower and foster good relationships among members and the wider community. My leadership strengths are in my ability to relate well with others, my curiosity, and my openness to feedback and criticism while possessing very strong work ethics. There have been many opportunities as Vice President and Treasurer where my advice was sought. In those instances I used the opportunity to address the issues from many different perspectives, which lead to us winning the best t-shirt design in 2013 and having the largest number of members attend ASHA 2013. Additionally, another personal strength is in my ability to be curious. I am willing to research topics that are unfamiliar to me; partake within a group so as to gain feedback and become highly knowledgeable on a given topic. In addition to juggling personal and educational responsibilities I remain committed to meeting deadlines. I am able to organize and prioritize work so as to fulfill all commitments. One area that I that I have been working to overcome is my inability to delegate tasks. My capacity to multi-task oftentimes prevents me from sharing responsibilities. I believe by allowing myself to share duties I will be able to not only accomplish much more but also be able to perform more efficiently and effectively. Regional Delegate offers many areas of positive growth and professional interest. In combination with this and my willingness to work, the experience will undoubtedly positively influence my future. I will be able to network with a diverse group of individuals, challenge myself whilst polishing inter- and intrapersonal skills. With this, it is my hope that while being a council member, the organization will also learn something from me.