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Changes to the NSSLHA Executive Council are currently in progress. Updated information will be available July 1, 2016.

Regional Councilor and Council President Ronella Rosenberg

Contact Ronella at [email protected].

2015-2016 - Ronella RosenbergMajor: Speech and hearing with a concentration in hearing and deafness

Expected date of graduation: May 2015

University: The George Washington University

Connect with other students in Region 9: ASHA Community Region 10

I joined NSSLHA because: The largest benefit NSSLHA gives students is exposure through education and networking. In my experience, education expands beyond taking suggested classes and conducting research projects, but it also includes listening to guest speakers and attending information sessions. While NSSLHA provides students with the opportunity to network with professionals who are active in the speech and hearing community, I find NSSLHA members are the biggest resource for each other. Students involved in the organization and local chapters are resources for each other to provide more information about the profession options and its personal impact on them. A student may share his or her personal stories and experiences working with professionals on research and volunteering that may inspire another student, as well as create a bond between the two individuals. When situations like this occur, students are empowered to not only help themselves, but to help others who are striving for the same goal. This team-oriented mindset is vital within the speech and hearing field where different professionals collaborate to provide comprehensive care to clients. Establishing this perspective early as a student can then carry over into their work ethic and sense of community within the field.

I applied for a position on the NSSLHA Executive Council because: I am interested in serving on the NSSLHA Special Affairs committee, especially the "NSSLHA Loves" campaign. This campaign embodies my personal belief in fundraising for national organizations to serve individuals in need who may not have the means to provide for themselves. I am conscious that NSSLHA is an organization that strives to educate and inform students about various professions and aspects of speech and hearing. It also calls students to be of service to their community through its national programs. Just as I want to be a service to students to support them in their journey in earning a speech and hearing degree, I also want to be used by the organization to be of service to the community.

Regional Delegate Kelly Ryan-Ibanez

2014_Kelly_RyanContact: [email protected]

Major: Speech-language pathology

Expected date of graduation: December 2015

University: California State University – Northridge

Area of professional interest: Child language and bilingualism

Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses: My name is Kelly Ryan-Ibanez, and I am applying for the position of Region 10 Delegate. I am the current NSSLHA president at California State University, Northridge, and my leadership strengths include excellent time management skills, an ability to efficiently delegate work to the other members of our local NSSLHA chapter, resourcefulness, and excellent public speaking abilities. At present, our NSSLHA chapter is planning a huge event in which the stars of the documentary "Wretches and Jabberers" are going to be coming to our campus to talk about their experiences as adults with autism. Planning for this event has allowed me to display all of my leadership strengths. I have had to manage the time I allot to school, work, and my personal life with the time I have available for my NSSLHA duties. I have also efficiently delegated various responsibilities to members of my board (such as determining who will be in charge of directly communicating with other campus officials, and who will be responsible for getting the funding sources for the event), I have had to be resourceful with the limited resources that have been rationed to us, and I have had to make several speeches across campus and within our department to promote this event. These are all minor examples of how I have recently showcased my abilities. My leadership weaknesses include that I occasionally come across as overly confident and blunt. I sometimes have to modify my delivery style when talking to other students so that I do not offend them with my direct approach. Some experiences and skills I intend to gain as a delegate to help me grow include coming up with a way to unite regional NSSLHA chapters so that we can all network together, learning about how to affect public policy in our field, and serving on Committee C to influence multicultural student issues. I want to unite regional NSSLHA chapters socially and professionally. I believe that many regions do not have enough active communication between universities because we do not feel comfortable contacting other chapters. I think it would be beneficial to try to provide more opportunities for local and regional chapters to meet and exchange ideas with one another. I also want to learn about how to affect public policy in our field and I want to serve on Committee C. Region 10 encompasses the western half of the U.S., which is incredibly diverse ethnographically. I believe that I am a great representation of my region because I am bilingual and bicultural. I am physically of Irish descent but I am culturally a Spanish-English bilingual and my husband is from Mexico. I believe that I have insight into the needs of other students who come from multicultural backgrounds and I want to help influence this. The position of Region 10 Delegate would help me grow as an individual and future SLP, and I would be honored to receive your consideration.