Northeastern Regional Councilor Blair Gorenberg

Interest Statement

I am exceptionally proud to be a member of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association. I have served as both treasurer and president of my local chapter, giving me insight into every facet of building and maintaining a successful chapter. My NSSLHA experience has been an integral part of my undergraduate career as I have grown both personally and professionally. My zeal for the field of speech-language pathology and audiology stems from it. I seek the opportunity to give back to the organization that shaped by undergraduate career and affirmed my commitment to my education and my future profession. Since attending my first ASHA Convention and being granted the opportunity to network with other students, I have dreamed about the opportunity to increase the connection between chapters across the country. Upon learning that this position was available, I jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of a role that would allow me to connect members and chapters in order to benefit NSSLHA as a whole. I am excited by the prospect of working with NSSLHA at the national level.

The Future of NSSLHA

My mission as Regional Councilor is twofold; connecting chapters to the Executive Council and connecting chapters with each other. I believe that there is a disconnect between local chapters of NSSLHA and the NSSLHA Executive Council. Few NSSLHA members are aware of what the Executive Council does, how they can connect with the Executive Council, or even that the Executive Council exists. As Regional Councilor, I will work to close the communication gap between the local chapters and the Executive Council by creating regular communication between the parties. The local chapters will be responsible for reporting to their state delegates or regional councilors on a bimonthly basis with a chapter update, which the delegates or councilors will then share with the Executive Council. In turn, the state delegates and regional councilors will send similar updates about the Executive Council to the chapters. Through the open line of communication between chapters and regional counselors, there will be an increased understanding of what is going on at the national, state, and local levels thereby closing the communication gap between the local NSSLHA chapters and the Executive Council. The greatest setback, which NSSLHA has yet to overcome, is the lack of connection between chapters. Throughout my time as treasurer and president of my NSSLHA chapter, I've had the opportunity to network with students from other NSSLHA chapters around the country. I've learned that the smaller NSSLHA chapters are often overlooked and discredited due to their size or their unusual organizational methods even though many of them are just as successful as larger chapters. To solve this issue, I propose connecting small chapters with larger chapters in their region. While many chapters boast individual success, teaming up with other chapters would increase the success of NSSLHA as a whole. For example, chapters can work together to orchestrate a fundraiser for the NSSLHA Loves recipient. By working together, the chapters will be able to increase their fundraising abilities while rallying around one cause. In addition, the possibility of having a national NSSLHA convention, similar to the ASHA Convention, presents a fantastic opportunity for all NSSLHA chapters. If elected, I will work to make this idea a reality in order to increase the networking and learning opportunities for all NSSLHA members. Finally, as Regional Councilor, I will work to increase communication between the officers of the chapters in my region. By creating a forum where officers can seek advice or share their ideas with other officers, chapters will be able to see what other chapters are doing and how they are dealing with similar issues. I am excited by the possibility of being elected as Regional Councilor of the Northeast Region and am dedicated to creating a better tomorrow for NSSLHA.

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Through previous leadership experience, I have gained a set of strengths and weaknesses that contribute to my overall success as a leader. I am responsible, organized, and empathetic. I am committed to every task that I take on and I do not stop working until it is complete. My ability to put myself in others' shoes allows me to view issues from several perspectives to ultimately make the best decision that will benefit the group as a whole. My maturity and communication abilities allow me to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. My biggest weakness is my inability to say no. I do not like to turn down any opportunities to better myself or help others. Because of this, I often find myself agreeing to take on a new task instead of taking time to relax. While taking on several tasks can sometimes be a negative experience, I've found that it has helped me develop excellent time management skills. I've learned to use my time wisely and recognize the importance of all tasks to determine the order of completion. By serving as Regional Councilor, I hope to learn more about chapters and programs around the country. I also hope to facilitate local, state, and national success for NSSLHA. While I will be responsible for several chapters in the northeast region, I hope to gain the experience of supporting the chapters as I learn to assist them while they achieve individual success.

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