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Changes to the NSSLHA Executive Council are currently in progress. Updated information will be available July 1, 2016.

Member-at-Large Tyler Hawthorne

Contact Tyler at [email protected].

2015-2016 - Tyler HawthorneMajor: Doctorate of audiology

Expected date of graduation: June 2020

University: University of Texas – Austin

Connect with other audiology students: ASHA Community Audiology Member-at-Large

NSSLHA Benefit: NSSLHA does a great job at providing a sense of community. Whether it's a university chapter, the annual ASHA Convention, or a state convention such as Texas Speech and Hearing Association's convention, it's incredible how close-knit the field is. Ultimately, this creates an importance of networking. My first year as a CSD major was special because I already knew many of my classmates, from NSSLHA events. The strong sense of community will assure me that I can always gain advice from a fellow professional, especially when a client is being seen by an interdisciplinary team. My membership in NSSLHA has provided me a cornucopia of professional relationships, and members need to know that they'll get as much back from NSSLHA as they put into it.

My vision for my region is: As Member-at-Large, I plan to increase the interaction and involvement of audiology students by creating a partnership with The Student Academy of Audiology. I've reviewed the current issue briefs published by The American Academy of Audiology, and would aim to increase PAC interest among NSSLHA members interested in audiology. With a partnership and additional support, the national organizations would offer a stronger, more united voice. I hope to see NSSLHA provide even more for its AuD-focused students, and wish to create a new NSSLHA national program devoted to advocacy in audiology, along the lines of noise-induced hearing loss, or the function of early intervention and identification of hearing loss. Across NSSLHA chapters it would be functional to implement competitions, to enhance participation in activities. I'd also like NSSLHA to highlight evidenced-based practice examples of interdisciplinary team approaches. It's important to showcase the tandem work, from audiologists, to speech-language pathologists, to geneticists, neurotologists, psychologists, ophthalmologists, the parents, and more!

Delegate-at-Large Brittany Renne

2015-2016 - Brittany RenneContact: [email protected]

Major: Doctorate of audiology

Expected date of graduation: May 2016

University: Adelphi University

NSSLHA Benefit: To provide the students with a fabulous chance to get involved in leadership roles as well as offer scholarships for academic, clinical, and research excellence. In addition, the networking opportunities available truly help students to get an idea of the professional aspects necessary to succeed within the field of communication science disorders.

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