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Member-at-Large Nia Potier

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2014_NiaMajor: Doctorate of audiology

Expected date of graduation: May 2016

University: Louisiana Tech University

Connect with other audiology students: Audiology Member-at-Large Facebook page, ASHA Community Audiology Member-at-Large

I joined NSSLHA because: The biggest benefit that NSSLHA gives to students is the accessibility to resources. Many students are unaware that NSSLHA provides accessibility to online journals to help students enrolled in programs to succeed during their academic endeavors.

My vision for my region is: I would like to see NSSLHA get more audiology students to attend the ASHA Convention and participate more in the national activities. Because NSSLHA is a student-based organization centered around students in both speech-language pathology and audiology, it is imperative for students to take advantage of the Convention activities, online seminars, and other resources that are available to them. This could be achieved by reaching out to local chapters and stressing the importance of becoming actively involved and creating more competitions to enhance participation in activities in NSSLHA. Having audiology students attend the ASHA Convention will allow them to be able to attend NSSLHA Day and to see firsthand the benefits of being a NSSLHA member, network with audiologists and speech-language pathologists involved in ASHA, and learn more about the field in its entirety. Networking is imperative in this field, because its not always about how much you know, but who do you know.

Delegate-at-Large Jonathan Schug


Academic status: Second year of the program

Major: Doctorate of audiology

Expected date of graduation: May 2015

University: University of Memphis

I joined NSSLHA because: I think the biggest benefit that NSSLHA gives to students is a chance to connect and network with colleagues across the country. NSSLHA provides many ways for students to interact on several levels, from the local chapter to national, with opportunities for students to advocate for the professions, gain knowledge and experience beyond the classroom setting, and give back to the community.

My vision for my region is: I would like to see NSSLHA provide more awareness of the fields of audiology and speech-language pathology to both the general population as a means of providing better access to services and also to young adults in order to encourage future students to pursue degrees and careers in the fields of communication disorders. I believe there is a current national need for speech-language pathologists and audiologists and that this need will continue to grow over the coming years.

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