icon_StudentLeadershipOppsMember-at-Large Nia Potier

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2014_NiaMajor: Doctorate of audiology

Expected date of graduation: May 2016

University: Louisiana Tech University

Connect with other audiology students: Audiology Member-at-Large Facebook page, ASHA Community Audiology Member-at-Large

I joined NSSLHA because: The biggest benefit that NSSLHA gives to students is the accessibility to resources. Many students are unaware that NSSLHA provides accessibility to online journals to help students enrolled in programs to succeed during their academic endeavors.

My vision for my region is: I would like to see NSSLHA get more audiology students to attend the ASHA Convention and participate more in the national activities. Because NSSLHA is a student-based organization centered around students in both speech-language pathology and audiology, it is imperative for students to take advantage of the Convention activities, online seminars, and other resources that are available to them. This could be achieved by reaching out to local chapters and stressing the importance of becoming actively involved and creating more competitions to enhance participation in activities in NSSLHA. Having audiology students attend the ASHA Convention will allow them to be able to attend NSSLHA Day and to see firsthand the benefits of being a NSSLHA member, network with audiologists and speech-language pathologists involved in ASHA, and learn more about the field in its entirety. Networking is imperative in this field, because its not always about how much you know, but who do you know.

Delegate-at-Large Tara Harmon-McElheney

2014 - Tara McElheneyContact:

Major: Doctorate of audiology

Expected date of graduation: May 2016

University: Louisiana Tech University

I joined NSSLHA because: I would like to see NSSLHA be able to reach a bigger audience. NSSLHA is a great organization; it is a platform for students that fosters potential and facilitates learning. As an organization of future professionals, it would be beneficial to reach students in the earliest stage of their career decision-making as possible. Often, people are well influenced by their peers. If members of NSSLHA chapters could find ways to interact with students at career fairs, students in both positions would benefit greatly. Students involved in NSSLHA could gain valuable experience in learning to motivate and connect with others while students who are not yet involved in NSSLHA could be exposed to a welcoming organization of inspiring individuals. Hopefully this would lead to the growth of NSSLHA.

NSSLHA Benefit: The biggest benefit that NSSLHA gives to students is a strong sense of community. NSSLHA fosters relationships between students and professionals as well as speech-language pathology and audiology students. When I joined my local NSSLHA chapter as an undergraduate, I immediately saw an improvement in my grades. I attribute this to the strong sense of community that was present. It encouraged me to open up to others and in doing so I made great friends both in and out of the classroom. By interacting on a more personal level with my peers I found that we were able to help each other better understand concepts from our classes. A few years later, some of my undergraduate friends are now speech-language pathologists. As an upcoming audiologist, I feel confident in knowing that any speech and language related referrals I may have to make will be well received and addressed by some of the best the field has to offer. Had I not joined NSSLHA, I may not have gotten to know the amazing community of people I know now. I am excited to become even more involved in NSSLHA and add to my awesome speech and hearing community!

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