Charge Up Your Chapter

The Charge Up Your Chapter campaign awards prizes to local chapters that have members who are actively engaged in national NSSLHA and ASHA activities. Here's the chance to showcase how your chapter gets "charged up" about NSSLHA membership!

View the Charge Up Your Chapter winners from 2015!

Boost your chapter's energy and power! Give your members a jump start on their connection to a network of resources and life-long rewards.

Charge Up Your Chapter Eligibility and Rules

The chapters that are selected for an award will be determined based on data collected by staff from NSSLHA, ASHA, or the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation. All qualifying data will be retrieved through the NSSLHA/ASHA database management system, Convention registration system, or the Higher Education System.

Qualifying data are defined as

  • data belonging to a chapter that has recertified with national NSSLHA by October 31,
  • data from individuals who are registered website users on the NSSLHA/ASHA website by October 31,
  • data from individuals who have identified the academic program with which they are currently affiliated in the NSSLHA/ASHA database,
  • data from individuals who have applied for NSSLHA, ASHA, or American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation awards, grants, scholarships, or competitions,
  • data entered into the ASHA Convention registration database, and
  • data entered into the Higher Education System.

Chapter Recognition Awards

The NSSLHA Council is rewarding local chapters that are successful in engaging their members to participate in national programs and activities. The data for each category is collected by the National Office unless noted otherwise. The categories of involvement include

Video Contest

To participate, the local chapter must

  1. be in good standing with national NSSLHA by October 31;
  2. record a no longer than 3-minute video that must be
  3. upload your video and e-mail [email protected] to let us know by October 31.

Videos will be judged on creativity, message, and relevance to the topic. Videos may be humorous or serious, but—more important—they must convey energy and the ASHA Convention theme.