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CSD Career Awareness Day Quick Start Guide

Want to host a CSD Career Awareness Day Activity but don't know where to start? Here are 10 steps to help you host a winning event:

  1. Assign a CSD Coordinator.
  2. Reserve a date and the facilities.
  3. Register as a host site with the national office.
  4. Gather a mailing list of the local high schools in your area. Use the National Center for Education Statistics website to search for contact information for the public schools in your area. Private and independent school information may be gathered by visiting the website.
  5. Begin advertising the event. Use the media kit provided on the NSSLHA website or work with your organization's public relations department to prepare a press release for the event. Use All Newspapers website to link to newspapers, magazines, college newspapers, news agencies, radio stations, television stations, and media sites in your area. Don't forget to advertise the event on local community e-mail lists and discussion boards.
  6. Contact your state speech-language-hearing association to inform them of the planned activity, to request speakers, or to provide them with a sponsorship opportunity for your event. Use the ASHA website to find the state association in your area.
  7. Develop your plan. Remember to keep it simple. You will accomplish the goals of the event if you do these three things: (1) Show the participants the "Human Connection" video and be able to answer questions or encourage a dialogue about what they saw (this video is complimentary and comes with the "Reward Yourself" Career Kit) (2) Allow participants to tour a speech & hearing clinic (in the absence of a facility, give the participants the opportunity to talk with other students that are enrolled in a speech or hearing program) (3) conduct hearing screenings for students (in the absence of resources to host hearing screenings, arrange for an audiologist to come and talk about the day-to-day experiences of the profession).
  8. Make sure to communicate the logistics to the registered participants as well as to the facility staff. Provide registered participants with all the information that is necessary to get them to your event on time and excited to learn more. Make sure that they have the directions to locate the facility (or have students posted at areas to direct visitors where to enter). Make arrangements with the facility for places to store coats, to provide parking for participants, even make sure that the restrooms are easily identifiable and clean. Make sure that you have briefed everyone at the facility about your event. This step will ensure that the staff is able to provide outstanding service and assistance to participants attending the event.
  9. Send a reminder postcard or email one week before the event. Call high school counselors that haven't responded. Make sure that your event is being posted on your organization's Web site. Use the media advisory located on the NSSLHA website to send a reminder about your event to the local media.
  10. After the event, send the national office copies of the participant registration forms [PDF], evaluation forms [RTF], and any pictures, video, or newspaper reports of the event.

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