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CSD Career Awareness Day Media Kit

Use the PDF and RTF files below to create customizable promotional materials for CSD Career Awareness Day. If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (5 or later), simply add your logo and/or contact information in the area provided, save the file and/or share it with your ad-house, agency, and others:

  • CSD Career Awareness Day Promotional Flyer [PDF]
    Promote CSD Career Awareness  activities at your program using this customizable flyer.
  • Customizable Proclamation [PDF]
    Use this PDF file to create a proclamation for CSD Career Awareness Day in your city or state.
  • Customizable Resolution [PDF]
    Use this PDF file to create a resolution for CSD Career Awareness Day in your city or state.
  • Media Advisory [RTF]
    A media advisory is an abbreviated form of a press release often in bullet format, sent the day before or early the day of an event. It reminds the media of the event by providing basic facts: who, what, when, where, and why. Tailor this media advisory to inform the local media of your CSD Career Awareness Day activity. Local newspapers, magazines and television stations are your primary audience.
  • News Release [RTF]
    A news release is a written statement providing information to the media to pursuade them to cover an event, performance, or newsworthy item. You may want to send this customizable CSD Career Awareness Day news release to your local newspapers, television stations, or radio stations.
  • Pitch Letter [RTF]
    Need help explaining why students and professionals should become involved with CSD Career Awareness Day? Use this pitch letter to make your case.

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