Guidelines for the Selection of NSSLHA Loves Recipient

Adopted at the March 2009 Meeting of the NSSLHA Executive Council

Who May Nominate A Candidate

  • NSSLHA Executive Council
  • Local chapters
  • Other interested individuals
    • State associations
    • Board of SIG Coordinators

Process of Selection

The Call for Nominations period runs from November to January. Nominations are accepted electronically and must include a submission of history, including photos and anecdotal stories, etc. to support the nomination (electronic submissions preferred).

Submissions are reviewed by the national office to confirm eligibility. Submissions are then reviewed by the NSSLHA Honors Committee. The Honors Committee recommends candidates for consideration by the Executive Council. Candidates are selected during the spring Executive Council meeting.

Nominee Requirements

  • The nominee must be a national organization.
  • The organization must have 501c3 tax exemption.
  • The organization must not solely represent a clinical population which has been the recipient of a NSSLHA Loves campaign within the past five years.
  • The organization must represent a population which has a high probability of being encountered by either speech-language pathologists or audiologists.
  • The organization must be one which has demonstrated meaningful contributions to individuals who require services from speech-language pathologists or audiologists.