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icon_NSSLHAHonorsNSSLHA Honors Program

The Executive Council of NSSLHA annually awards Honors to outstanding students, faculty, chapters, and individuals who have made significant contributions to both the Association on a national and local level, and to the discipline of human communication sciences and disorders.

The Honors Program Awards are the Honors of NSSLHA, CICSD Editor's Award, NSSLHA Advisor Honors, NSSLHA Chapter Honors, and the NSSLHA Member Honors. View a list of the 2015 NSSLHA Honors Recipients.

How to Nominate an Individual or Chapter

  1. Complete the NSSLHA Honors Application online.
  2. Submit your materials to the national office by the deadline. Nominations for Honors of NSSLHA, Chapter Advisor Honors, Chapter Honors, and Member Honors are due by March 1.

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Honors Award Descriptions

Honors of NSSLHA
The Honors of NSSLHA is the highest award bestowed by the Association. It is presented to those individuals and organizations who, through their work with students, have made significant contributions to both the Association and to the discipline of human communication sciences and disorders. View a list of past recipients of the Honors of NSSLHA.

Chapter Advisor Honors
The Advisor of the Year Honors is given to one NSSLHA chapter advisor who has provided sustained and exceptional leadership to the association through their efforts with a local NSSLHA chapter. NSSLHA chapters are invited to nominate an advisor for this award. After reviewing the nominations, the NSSLHA Committee on Honors presents the name of one nominee for consideration and the Executive Council votes on that nomination. View a list of past recipients of NSSLHA Chapter Advisor Honors.

Chapter Honors
NSSLHA Chapter Honors are awarded to local chapters that demonstrate a commitment to NSSLHA's core values—philanthropy, community service, career awareness, advocacy, and networking. Every NSSLHA chapter that engages in these activities will be rewarded with an honor. One local chapter among all chapters that have reached the Gold status will be selected as the "Chapter of the Year." View a list of past recipients of NSSLHA Chapter Honors.

Member Honors
Local NSSLHA chapters may nominate one audiology and one speech-language pathology major to receive Member Honors. Member Honors are awarded on the basis of scholastic achievement, service to the academic unit, professional conduct, and service to NSSLHA. Any college or university junior, senior, or graduate student who is a member of both national and the local chapter is eligible for consideration. View a list of past recipients of NSSLHA Member Honors.

Distinguished Students of Service
Distinguished Students of Service (DSS) is a national-level program sponsored by NSSLHA. The DSS is designed to give students guidance, goals, and recognition for taking the initiative to independently develop personal leadership skills in the area of service. DSS defines service as "actively participating and volunteering in all of the following three areas: local NSSLHA chapters, state associations, and National NSSLHA." Communication sciences and disorders (CSD) students work toward achieving a particular number of annual service hours by actively participating in and volunteering for the discipline.