Past Recipients of NSSLHA Chapter Advisor Honors

The Chapter Advisor Honors is given to one NSSLHA chapter advisor who has provided sustained and exceptional leadership to the association through their efforts with a local NSSLHA chapter. NSSLHA chapters are invited to nominate an advisor for this award. After reviewing the nominations, the NSSLHA Committee on Honors presents the name of one nominee for consideration and the Executive Council votes on that nomination.

George Pagano, Long Island University
Constance Dean Qualls, Buffalo State College
Dr. Amy Glaspey, University of Montana
Ann Millett, East Stroudsburg University
Elizabeth DeVelder, University of South Dakota
Stephanie Beebe, University of Mississippi
Sonia Manuel Dupont, PhD, CCC-SLP, Utah State University
Mitzi Ritzman, PhD, CCC-SLP, University of Nebraska–Omaha
Susan Ingram, James Madison University
Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer, PhD, University of Arizona
Linda Mack Brewer, PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder
Dianne H. Angelo, PhD, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Carney Sotto, PhD, University of Cincinnati
Carlin Hageman, PhD, University of Northern Iowa
Elane Friedel, Nova Southeastern University
Jennifer Vinson, Alabama A & M University
Cheri Carrico, PhD, Elmhurst College
Ellen R. Cohn, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Colleen Kenny, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Barbara Meyer, Fontbonne College
Ronald D. Schaefer, PhD Northeastern State University
Mary V. Andrianopoulous, PhD, University of Massachusetts
Judi Keller, Texas Tech University
Dee Kirby, Abilene Christian University
E.J. McDonald, University of Wyoming
Lori Gonzales, PhD, University of Kentucky
Tina Jupiter, PhD, St. John's University
John Michel, PhD, University of Kansas
Lanee Friedel, Nova Southeastern University
Donald R. Fuller, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Holly Haug, Minot State University
Jean Novak, San Jose State University
Joanne A. Popeson, Stockston State College
Betty Fusilier, University of Central Arkansas
Edie Hapner, Nova Southeastern University
Holly Haug, Minot State University
Linda Petrosino, Bowling Green State University
Barbara Schmidt, Molloy College
Debra Bankston, Stephen F. Austin State University
Gail G. Gurland, Brooklyn College
Martha G. Bountress, Old Dominion University
Odette Gonzalez, Texas A&M University
Kimberly V. Fisher, PhD, University of Oklahoma
Jan Marks, Oklahoma State University
Mariana Newton, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Jan A. Roberts, California State University, Hayward
Brian B. Shulman, University of South Alabama
Mary Beth Hardaway, University of South Alabama
Nancy J. Haak, PhD, Auburn University
Audrey Hoffnung, PhD, St. John's University
Susan Mahanna-Boden, PhD, Eastern Kentucky University
Marilyn J. Schmidt, PhD, Central Missouri State University
Bill Wallace, PhD, Towson State University
Ronald B. Gilliam, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia
Nancy Jeanne Haak, PhD, Auburn University
Jane B. Page, PhD, East Stroudsburg University
Dorothy F. Sutherland, PhD, Columbus College
Brian B. Shulman, PhD, CUNY-New York
Meta Downes, East Carolina University
Scott F. McLaughlin, PhD, Central State University
Cheryl D. Gunter, PhD, Iowa State University
Anthony B. Defeo, PhD, University of Arizona
Lori Stewart Gonzalez, PhD, Southern Illinois University
Martha G. Bountress, Old Dominion University
Mary Beth Armstong, Nicholls State University
Patricia McCarthy, PhD, University of Georgia
Roberta Jackson, University of California-Santa Barbara
John A. Boylan, Edinboro University
Betty Carver, University of Alabama
Ruth Renee Hannibal, South Carolina State College
Audrey Hoffnung, PhD, St. John's University
Christine C. Sleight, PhD, Kent State University
Lina Zeine, PhD, Western Washington University
Patricia L. Casey, PhD, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Majorie R. Duffy, Colorado State University
Renee Annette Middleton, West Georgia College
Brenda Cole Antwine, Memphis State University
Charleen Bloom, PhD, College of St. Rose
Dolores Battle, State University of New York College
Sylvester Clifford, University of South Dakota
Leah Lorendo, University of Mississippi
Robert A. Muzzarelli, East Carolina University
Joan McMahon, Portland State University