NSSLHA National Programs and Activities

NSSLHA has implemented the following programs and activities to enhance the academic, pre-professional development, and networking experiences for students in communication sciences and disorders:

Community Service Grants
The NSSLHA Executive Council established a grant award program to fund local chapters that wish to provide resources to nonprofit organizations that assist others living with a communication disorder. NSSLHA chapters in good standing are eligible to receive matching funds to purchase equipment (e.g., AAC devices, computers and/or peripheral computer devices) or other materials (e.g., clinical tests, software) to donate to a nonprofit organization.

The NSSLHA Experience at the ASHA Convention
The ASHA Annual Convention is a great opportunity for students and professionals to meet for discussions, workshops, and the presentations of papers and informal talks. In addition, students can participate in NSSLHA-sponsored activities, events developed by the student leaders serving on the NSSLHA Executive Council.

NSSLHA Honors Program
The NSSLHA Executive Council annually recognizes individuals or NSSLHA chapters who make a significant contribution to furthering the Association's mission. NSSLHA and ASHA members and local NSSLHA chapters may submit a nomination for the following NSSLHA Honors:

  • The Honors of NSSLHA
  • Chapter Advisor Honors
  • Chapter Honors
  • Member Honors

NSSLHA Loves Campaign
Annually, the NSSLHA Executive Council selects a national organization working on behalf of individuals living with communication disorders and facilitates a fundraising campaign through its local chapters and members.

Since the inception of the NSSLHA Loves program in 1990, NSSLHA has raised over $300,000 in support of national organizations improving the quality of life for individuals with communication disorders.

NSSLHA Publications

NSSLHA Scholarship Fund
The NSSLHA Scholarship Fund was established in 2005 through a collaboration with the ASHFoundation and the NSSLHA Executive Council. The annual scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate senior student who is pursuing a degree in communication sciences and disorders, with an active, national-level membership in NSSLHA, and who will begin graduate study in the fall of the current year.

McKinley Regional Project Grants
NSSLHA chapters in good standing are eligible to receive grants to support educational, clinical, and professional development activities for students in communication science and disorders programs. Regional Project Funds should be used to enable NSSLHA members to expand their knowledge of the profession through the development of materials, conferences, workshops, and sessions.

Student Leadership Opportunities
The NSSLHA Executive Council provides students with a national leadership opportunity and the chance to shape the future of the professions. In addition to serving on the governing body of NSSLHA students, the Executive Council:

  • be given the opportunity to be mentored by professionals, develop leadership skills, and make a positive contribution to other CSD students. will connect with the ASHA Board of Directors;
  • represent students and student concerns on ASHA boards and committees, including the Board of Special Interest Group Coordinators, the Council for Clinical Certification, and the Multicultural Issues Board;
  • and more!

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