NSSLHA's Social Networks—Get Connected!

Here are some ways to connect with fellow NSSLHA members:

Facebook . NSSLHA directly engages with our members on Facebook, keeping members up to date on the latest news and events.

Twitter . Follow NSSLHA for updates from awards, links to NSSLHA/ASHA publications, chapter news, and more.

Instagram . NSSLHA's Instagram account displays the people, events, and activities that define our membership.

LinkedIn . NSSLHA's LinkedIn allows registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally.

ASHA Community . This members-only platform is a place to share information, ask for help, discuss problems and lessons learned, and simply enjoy talking with colleagues. Complete your profile or import your information from LinkedIn, customize your privacy settings and the updates you receive, and find other ASHA members through the online member directory. Find out how to get involved.

NSSLHA members organize their conversations on social media using the hashtags #SLP2b, #AuD2b, #NSSLHAexp, #SLPeeps, #AuDpeeps, and of course, #NSSLHA.

Have something you would like us to promote or share on our social media pages? Be sure to fill out our social media request form.

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