Chapter Recertification Form

Local chapters are required to recertify with the national office annually to maintain affiliation with the national association, and to apply for national awards and honors.

Guidelines for Recertification

  • Chapters must recertify at the beginning of the academic year, or anytime there is a change in the Chapter Advisor(s) or officers.
  • The Chapter Advisor(s) must have current membership in ASHA; they are not required to have ASHA certification.
  • The chapter officers must have national membership in NSSLHA.
  • A link to the application management system will be provided for chapters to upload the following:
    • A list of the chapter's members who are not national members.
    • A copy of the chapter's bylaws. If the National Office already has a copy of your bylaws, you only need to submit a copy when you make revisions.
    • A copy of the chapter's W-9 form [PDF], or a letter of eligibility for 501(c)(3) status, or the equivalent for chapters outside the United States.

More information about maintaining an active NSSLHA chapter is available.

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