American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Chapter Recertification Form

Local chapters are required to recertify with the national office annually to maintain affiliation with the national association.

Guidelines for Recertification

  • Chapters must recertify at the beginning of the academic year, or anytime there is a change in the Chapter Advisor(s) or officers.
  • The Chapter Advisor must have current membership in ASHA, even if they are not ASHA-certified.
  • The chapter officers must have national membership in NSSLHA.
  • A copy of the chapter's bylaws must be on file with the National Office. (If the National Office already has a copy of your bylaws, you only need to submit a copy when you make revisions). Chapters may e-mail a copy of their bylaws to

More information about maintaining an active NSSLHA chapter is available.

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Campus Affiliation Information

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