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ASHA Approved CE Provider Complaint Submission Form


  • Read the Complaint Adjudication Process.
  • Read the ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB) Requirements [PDF] to determine which requirement(s) the ASHA Approved CE Provider (organization) violated.
  • Provide information about the ASHA Approved CE Provider and course.
  • Place a check next to each CEB requirement (listed below) that you feel the ASHA Approved CE Provider violated.
  • Provide a detailed description of your compliant or concern in the text box. Your description should detail the way in which the Provider failed to meet each requirement you checked.
  • Provide your name, e-mail address, and phone number.
  • Submit the web form or print this form and submit it by mail to ASHA CEB, 2200 Research Boulevard #340, Rockville, MD 20850.

ASHA Approved CE Provider Information

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The ASHA Approved CE Provider failed to meet the following ASHA CEB Requirements [PDF]. Be sure to click on the hyperlink to the requirement and read the requirement, the guidelines, and the required practice before selecting. You must check at least one requirement.


  1. : Organization [PDF] The Provider (organization) must have an identifiable continuing education group or unit with assigned responsibility for administering continuing education courses.
  2. : Responsibility and Control [PDF] The Provider (organization), through its continuing education group/unit, ensures that the Continuing Education Board (CEB) requirements and procedures are followed.
  3. : Transparency in Course Planning, Delivery, and Marketing [PDF] The Provider (organization) must focus their courses on scientific and professional education, not product or service promotion. The Provider must have processes to resolve and disclose conflicts of interest. These processes must also address the management and disclosure of financial and in-kind support of CE courses. Additionally, the Provider must appropriately manage exhibits and advertising associated with CE courses.
  4. : System for Offering and Verifying Continuing Education Units [PDF] The Provider (organization) has an established procedure to identify participants who meet requirements for satisfactory completion of the course and who are qualified to earn ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs). There is also a system for maintaining permanent participant records for a period of at least 2 years
  5. : Needs Identification [PDF] The Provider (organization) ensures that continuing education courses are planned in response to identified needs of a target audience.
  6. : Learning Outcomes [PDF] The Provider (organization) has clear and concise written statements of intended learning outcomes (e.g., behavioral or performance objectives) that are based on identified needs for each continuing education course.
  7. : Planning and Instructional Personnel [PDF] The Provider (organization) ensures that qualified individuals are directly involved in determining the continuing education course's purpose, developing intended learning outcomes, and planning and conducting each course.
  8. : Learning Environment and Support [PDF] The Provider (organization) ensures that appropriate educational facilities, resource or reference materials, and instructional aids and equipment are consistent with the purpose, design, and intended learning outcomes of each course.
  9. : Content and Methodology [PDF] The Provider (organization) ensures that content and instructional methodologies are consistent with stated learning outcomes, are appropriate for learning, and permit opportunities for learners to participate and receive feedback.
  10. : Requirements for Satisfactory Completion [PDF] The Provider (organization) ensures that satisfactory completion requirements are established for each course. These requirements are based on the purpose and intended learning outcomes. Participants should be informed of the requirements before participating in the course.
  11. : Assessment of Learning Outcomes [PDF] The Provider (organization) ensures that achievement of the course's intended learning outcomes is assessed using procedures established during the course's planning.
  12. : Program Evaluation [PDF] The Provider (organization) ensures that in the planning stage of the continuing education course, an evaluation process is established to examine various aspects of the course, such as the needs assessment, logistical and instructional planning, selection and preparation of instructors, course implementation, and extent to which intended learning outcomes are achieved.


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