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Session Format Options

The following session formats are offered at the ASHA Convention. When submitting a proposal to the Call for Papers, you must select the format that best suits your proposed presentation.

Poster Presentation (90 minutes): SLP and Audiology Topics
Posters presentations combine a verbal presentation with a visual aid and are an excellent mechanism to facilitate the rapid communication of scientific ideas. During these presentations, viewers visually guide themselves at their own pace through the basics of the study displayed on the poster board, allowing the presenter to focus on explanation, clarification, and discussion of key elements of the work and to answer questions. The poster presentation format is less formal and more interactive than an oral seminar, as it provides the opportunity for viewers to engage in discussion and to have one-on-one interactions with both the presenter and fellow viewers.

Oral Sessions (1 or 2 hour seminars): SLP, Audiology, Basic Science Topics
Seminars are intended to provide in-depth, continuing education for speech-language pathologists and audiologists, and speech-language-hearing scientists. Emphasis is on clinical applications and research advances, backed by appropriate levels of evidence. Content is specifically tailored to fit either a one or two hour time period.

Short Course (3 hours): SLP and Audiology Topics
Short Courses are oral seminars that provide instruction with emphasis on clinical applications and/or science backed by appropriate levels of evidence. Presenters must demonstrate recognized expertise in their area and have experience presenting continuing professional education programs. Material being presented must be at the Intermediate level or above, and no more than three presenters per course is preferred. Short Courses are ticketed courses with an additional fee for attendance. Presenters are required to submit a copy of their handout to ASHA in advance, as ASHA will be responsible for distributing a CD with all handout files.

Technical Research Sessions (30 minutes): SLP and Audiology Topics
A Technical Research presentation is a 20-minute presentation of research, or research in progress. The purpose is to communicate scientific information in an efficient form. A 10-minute question and answer period follows the scientific presentation.

Technical Clinical Sessions (30 minutes): SLP and Audiology Topics
Technical Clinical Sessions, modeled after Technical Research Sessions, consist of a 20-minute oral presentation that focuses on the technical aspects of a specific diagnostic or therapeutic strategy by the clinician. Developed as "how to" programs, they emphasize the applied, clinical aspects of the professions. The clinical presentation will be followed by a brief 10-minute question and answer period to allowing the presenter to clarify information for the audience.