Program Planner

Coming soon! The complete 2017 ASHA Convention program will be available through the online Program Planner in late July. 

The Program Planner provides advance access to the entire ASHA Convention program. It allows you to search and view all of the education sessions offered during the ASHA Convention—both oral seminars and poster presentations.

Use the Program Planner to access and read session abstracts, author bios, as well as presenter disclosures, and plan how to spend your day to earn the most continuing education credit. Session materials, both the handouts uploaded prior to the Convention and final presentations (available after the Convention), are accessible through the Program Planner. Most importantly, the Program Planner allows you to create and save a personalized daily schedule of sessions that reflects your professional interests before you arrive.

New! Mobile App

Convention – App icon - 50x50 pixels Coming soon to the Apple Store and Google Play! An all-new and improved app, customized for ASHA, is being introduced this year to help you plan your schedule and navigate the ASHA Convention. In addition to the searchable program, the app will have enhanced integrated schedule-building functionality, so anything you save in the online Program Planner will also be viewable in the app on your smartphone or tablet, and vice versa. Other expanded features include access to advance handouts and/or presentation slides (if shared by presenters), space to take session notes, floor plans with a location finder, social media feeds, and much more.

How do I use the Program Planner?

You have two options:

1. Browse

2. Login to the Program Planner


This option allows you to search all sessions without logging into the Program Planner. You may conduct a detailed search by one or more of the following items in the search fields, and view your results in program layout or table layout. The default setting is the program layout.

Search fields:

  • Keyword
  • Session code
  • Title
  • Topic Area
  • Instructional Level
  • Special Audience
  • Session Format
  • Session Type
  • Date
  • Author Name

For example, a typical search might begin by entering the keyword "autism" in the keyword search box, and select "Search". A listing of every session with "autism" in the title and the abstracts will appear in the search results displayed below the search panel. The word "autism" will be highlighted in each session listed.

Narrow down the results of your keyword search by first using a combination of the other search choices in the menu. For example, you may view only intermediate level poster presentations related to autism on Thursday.

Once the list of sessions appears below the red and blue tabs, you can select the title of each session to read the full session details in a pop up box.

Login to the Program Planner

To use this option, you must sign in through the ASHA website. If you do not have an account through, you may create one.

This option allows you to not only search all sessions but also to create a personalized schedule, which you may save and view or make changes at a later date. Your schedule may be downloaded to your Outlook calendar or printed. The printed version provides a brief session outline that includes the abstract and authors in addition to the title, date, time, and location.

Select the "Create my itinerary" link to conduct a more detailed search by one or more of the following items in the search fields, and view your results in program layout or table layout. The default setting is the program layout. To view the sessions in a table, select "View Results in Table Layout" before you select the search button.

View Session Details

Select the title of a session in your search results to open a pop-up box that provides the complete information for that session. You can read the abstract for the session, review author bios and disclosure information, view the learner outcomes, and review any materials uploaded by presenters. If you decide you would like to add a particular session to your personal schedule, you may do so by checking the box "Add to My Itinerary."

View Handouts and Final Presentations/Session Materials

To view advance handouts or final presentation materials, search for the session in the Program Planner then select the title of the session to open a window with the full session details. If materials have been uploaded, you will see a link next to the presenter's name. Please keep in mind that handouts and final presentations are only available if the presenter(s) have uploaded them or granted permission to share their slides. ASHA strongly encourages presenters to do so, but cannot make this a requirement as it is the intellectual property of the presenter.

Final presentations, if presenters agree to publicly share their slides and materials while uploading them in the Speaker Ready Room at the ASHA Convention, will be available for viewing or downloading via the Program Planner within two weeks of the conclusion of the Convention.

For questions or issues relating to the Program Planner or ASHA Convention program sessions, contact us at

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