Autism: Supporting Social Cognition in Schools

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"Relevant topics! Practical ideas! I used what I learned immediately!"

That was what we heard from one of our attendees when we originally ran this online conference in February.

Then we heard more accolades, like:

"I loved the highly competent, articulate speakers who presented empirical, current and instantly usable information and intervention strategies across all ages and settings!"

"The Insight Sessions were outstanding—I love the information and the new research presented!"

"The format's so convenient! I was able to listen to the sessions during breaks at work, at home, in the evening, and still ask questions."

"I have so many new ideas to try it's hard to keep them all straight!"

"I liked being able to interact with so many knowledgeable presenters. It brought my level of understanding to a new level."

"This was easily one of the best professional development opportunities that I have participated in. I got immediately usable resources and activities."

"The information was immediately applicable to life in the public schools yet at the same time it was grounded in research."


After reviews like these, we had to repeat this online conference. It's perfect for SLPs who want to sharpen their diagnostic and treatment skills while expanding their approach to treat the whole patient.

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