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Certification Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions: Submitting Forms 

How do I submit my Certification Maintenance Compliance Form? 

You have two options to submit your Certification Maintenance Compliance Form to ASHA:

  1. Access your account information online through My Account, which is found at the top of every ASHA webpage. Log in and select the "Certification Maintenance" link.
  2. Print, complete, and mail or fax in your Certification Maintenance Compliance Form [PDF].

I am a member of the ASHA CE Registry; do I still need to submit a Compliance Form? 

Yes. All certificate holders must have a Compliance Form submitted because it verifies all aspects of the certification maintenance requirements, not only the requirement to participate in professional development, but also adherence to the ASHA Code of Ethics and payment of annual dues.

If you are a current member of the CE Registry and have accumulated 30 CMHs, the CE Registry will automatically submit your compliance form on your behalf. However, if you do not have a total of 30 CMHs recorded, you will have to submit your Compliance Form either online or through the mail.

How and when do I submit my Record Keeping Form and documentation of my professional development activities? 

Only individuals who are chosen for the maintenance audit need to submit their Record Keeping Form [PDF] and documentation of professional development activities. The Record Keeping Form and documentation must be submitted within 60 days of being notified.



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