American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Choosing the Right College or University

Make Sure You Select a Program That Leads to Your Profession

Select a college or university that offers a broad education in arts and sciences, including the social, physical, and biological sciences; health; English/language arts; mathematics; humanities;and technology. A strong foundation in oral and written communication is also desirable, plus basic courses in the speech, language, and hearing sciences.

A CAA-Accredited Program Is a Must

For your future certification by ASHA, you must complete your graduate course work and clinical practicum at a college or university whose program is accredited by the ASHA Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA). This assures graduates that their academic and clinical experience meets nationally established standards.

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Fortunately, You Have a Wealth of Choices

Across the nation, 261 institutions of higher education offer CAA-accredited or candidate programs:

  • 252 master's‑level speech-language pathology programs
  • 74 doctoral‑level audiology programs

There's a Wealth of Financial Aid, Too

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