How to Register a Live-to-Self Study Course with ASHA

A Live-to-Self Study course is a recording of a live course that has been offered for ASHA CEUs. The recording can be offered as a self-study for up to one year after the start date of the live course. During that year, the peer review process can be completed so that the course can be re-registered as a regular self-study.

There are several requirements that must be met in order to offer a live-to-self study:

  • The course description, learning outcomes, and content of the live activity and the live-to-self (recorded) version must be the same.
  • Ideally, the live and live-to-self courses should be registered simultaneously (but with different course numbers) using the Online Course Registration System .
  • The Learning ExperienceType for the live-to-self version should be Individual (ie self-study). Check the box "Recorded version of a live course" and type the live course's number in the space provided.
  • If your live course has no written learning assessment, one will need to be created for the live-to-self study version.
  • List the offerings of the self-study course in Section IX of the Online Course Registration System. The start date of the first offering must be after the live activity, and the end date of the last offering must be no later than 1 year after the live activity. Depending on how often you plan to report the participants of the live-to-self study course, you can set up the offerings to be monthly, quarterly, etc.
  • In making the recording, stray noises such as coughing can be edited out, but the content should not be edited or changed.

Please contact your Provider Manager if you plan to register a live-to-self study course or if you have any questions regarding this procedure.

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