Volume 5, Number 2 August 2014

Intersections is the quarterly e-newsletter distributed to ASHA Approved Continuing Education Providers to connect and exchange ideas in order to better accomplish their continuing education activities.


Save the Date for the ASHA CE Provider Workshop

The ASHA Continuing Education Board invites you to an ASHA Approved CE Provider Workshop at the ASHA Convention in Orlando, Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 5:30 p.m.–8:00 p.m.

Celebrate ASHA CE's 35th anniversary with us. Please join the ASHA Continuing Education Board and staff for dinner, dessert, and discussion. Network with colleagues and participate in a dynamic workshop program. The schedule for the evening is:

5:30 p.m.–6:15 p.m.—Seated dinner, dessert, and networking
6:15 p.m.–8:00 p.m.—News and notes from CE

  • Celebration of CE's 35th anniversary
  • Recognition of our longest-serving CEAs
  • Requirement 3 updates
  • Successful strategies for planning, marketing, and delivering courses

Look for your invitation in early September but mark your calendar now. We look forward to seeing you!

CE Celebrates 35 Years by Honoring CE Administrators

CE @ 35 125pxAs ASHA CE is celebrating its 35th year, we also want to celebrate the Continuing Education Administrators who have been with us for almost as long! There are four of these well-seasoned professionals who can probably recall the 13 ASHA CEB Requirements in their sleep! They include Ellyn Arwood, Arwood Pragmaticism Institute for Communication Therapy (APRICOT, Inc. ); Susan McKey, Oregon Speech-Language and Hearing Association; Nan Bernstein Ratner, University of Maryland, Elsevier Science, Inc., and Thieme Medical Publishers; and Tom Slominski, Northern Speech Services. In this issue of Intersections, we will highlight Susan McKey and Tom Slominski and provide you with a brief profile that includes their perspectives on continuing education and some notable experiences they've had as CE Administrators. In the next issue of Intersections, we'll do the same with Ellyn Arwood and Nan Bernstein Ratner. All ASHA CEAs deserve a round of applause for their efforts and dedication to the work they do, but to Ellyn, Susan, Nan, and Tom, we give a standing ovation!

Profile: Thomas Slominski

Intersections Aug 2014 - Slominski"I have always been interested in learning new things and have remained focused on being the best that I can be in whatever I do, so after I received my master's degree I started to attend continuing education seminars at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. After attending these seminars a few times, I decided that I wanted my company, Northern Speech Services (NSS), to start offering continuing education seminars. At that time I had started a private practice in Northern Michigan and hired several speech pathologists to work with me to provide services to hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, and to rehabilitation centers located in Northern Michigan. Because I wanted to make sure the people working with me were highly skilled, I started to offer continuing education seminars in Gaylord, MI, our first and current business location. After inviting Jay Rosenbek and Leonard (Chick) LaPointe to present in Gaylord, I called Jeri Logemann and asked her if she might be interested in having Northern Speech Services sponsor her new course on the Evaluation and Treatment of Swallowing Disorders. She agreed, and the rest is history. From 1979 to 2009 Dr. Logemann trained over 30,000 speech pathologists in evidence-based practice related to the evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders through continuing education courses sponsored by Northern Speech Services. I am proud of the fact that I administered the first modified barium x-ray study in the state of Michigan and even prouder that I had the privilege of learning from Dr. Logemann for so many years."

What factors do you think have influenced continuing education during your tenure as a CEA?

"I realized early on in my career that continuous quality improvement was the key to my success and the success of NSS. Changes in government regulations and subsequent changes in the health care system influenced my decisions and the priorities established for sustaining and growing NSS. These changes included DRGs (reimbursement related to diagnostic-related groups for in-patient services), PPS (Perspective Payment System for reimbursing services in nursing homes), and the creation of CPT codes for hospital out-patient services."

"Northern Speech Services began as a provider of therapy services. It then added continuing education seminars and product materials.Later it added online continuing education seminars. Today, NSS no longer provides therapy services. The focus now is both onsite and online continuing education seminars and the publishing of materials related to the assessment and treatment of speech, language, and swallowing disorders."

"To date Northern Speech Services has sponsored over 2,300 continuing education programs on most every topic related to speech pathology practice and has served over 100,000 speech pathologists to become more effective at what they do. More important than these numbers is the fact that NSS consistently receives high marks for the quality of the programs we offer. The skill I have developed over the years to make all this happen is the ability to recognize talent, superb teaching ability, and clinically relevant topics."

Please share a fun/interesting memory of being an ASHA CEA for your organization.

"In the mid 80's NSS sponsored a seminar with Dr. Logemann. A day before the seminar Dr. Logemann called to say she was in the hospital with a serious foot infection and that she could not present the seminar. Over 250 people registered for the seminar. Dr. Logemann sent a replacement speaker from her staff to present the seminar. Because there was no time to notify participants, NSS made the announcement at the seminar explaining why Dr. Logemann was not able to present. Participants were also told that if they did not want to stay they would receive a full refund. At the first break the husband of one of the attendees accused me of deceiving the group and invited me to come out to the hotel parking lot where he would settle this issue. He said, 'If you are a real man, come out and see what I'm talking about.' I quickly called hotel security, and that resolved the problem."

Profile: Susan McKey

Intersections Aug 2014 - Susan Mckey 1972

As a new CEA

Intersections Aug 2014 - Susan Mckey 2014


"I am a lifelong Oregonian who graduated from Portland State University with an MS in Speech Pathology. After retiring in 2002 as an SLP for 36 years with Portland Public Schools, I was trained to be a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). My hobbies include gardening, nature walks, volunteering at church and for the Portland marathon, yoga, reading novels, enjoying my cats, and spending time with family and friends. The Oregon Speech-Language and Hearing Association (OSHA) presented me with the President's Award for Outstanding Service to the Association in 2013."

What factors do you think have influenced continuing education during your tenure as a CEA?

"Technology made a big impact during my tenure as a CEA, and I can honestly say I will be a lifelong student, constantly learning new applications. Prior to online filing, all ASHA forms were handwritten, and we were expected to document all required information in little cramped spaces. One mistake and either you submitted a messy form, or it was another do-over."

"It has been a pleasure working with such professional, kind, supportive, and patient Provider Managers on the ASHA CE staff, especially as I learned to write those always challenging financial disclosures."

"Over the years, I have been exposed to advances in our profession thanks to my involvement as a CEA, while at the same time interacting with interesting co-op Providers who sometimes live in far-away places, e.g., Rome, Italy."

Please share a fun/interesting memory of being an ASHA CEA for your organization.

"One early morning I was working with an out-of-state co-op Provider who was stuck in a major traffic jam on an overly crowded freeway. While he sat in his car waiting for the traffic to move, we were communicating via his cell phone and laptop when suddenly the batteries went dead. It looked like the traffic would not be moving for hours, and the deadline was fast approaching. He spotted a bus ahead with the advertisement "Free Wi-Fi" and decided to take action. At this point, he grabbed his phone and laptop, and ran alongside the bus holding his equipment until the driver opened the door. He climbed onto the bus and continued to communicate with me. End result: he e-mailed the documents together with a hilarious photo taken by his wife, showing him running to catch the bus. We made the deadline. Whew!!"

Let Us Help You With Your Marketing!

The ASHA Marketing and Sales Teams have a new tool that will help us help you. Their mission is to provide you with the best opportunities to make your CE events successful. How can we work together? Please spend the next 3 minutes and 40 seconds completing the ASHA Marketing Solutions questionnaire—because the more the Marketing and Sales Teams know about your organization's needs and goals, the more they can help. Then watch your inbox for information on ASHA events, advertising, mailing lists, and sponsorships geared toward you. Help us help you fill up those seats and make your conferences and seminars even more successful. You might even win a Kindle Fire HD!


Intersections Aug 2014 - Chris with bag

Intersections Aug 2014 - Jaumeiko

Chris Urena, CEA for ASHA Professional Development and Jaumeiko Coleman, CEA for ASHA's National Center for Evidence-Based Practice are doing some 'virtual traveling' to distant locations with their messenger bags.

Where in the World Is Your CE Messenger Bag?

We've received many communications from CE Administrators thanking us for their [email protected] messenger bags and telling us about their variety of uses. So, where has your bag been? Since it is summer, maybe you've used your bag to tote work-related documents to a course being held out of town. Maybe it's become your new airline carry-on, or it's held your most prized possessions in some exotic location! It could even serve as your beach bag with all the pockets and compartments: one for your towel, one for your sunscreen, and one for your carefree beach read!Share your story with us and send us a snapshot or a selfie. Your colleagues will enjoy seeing you with your newest accessory, especially if there are a few palm trees in the background! E-mail your photo to [email protected] and tell us where you've been.

Five Ways to Rock Your Virtual Classroom

Cindy Huggett, author of The Virtual Training Guidebook: How to Design, Deliver, and Implement Live Online Learning and Virtual Training Basics, has a great checklist [PDF] for trainers that will ensure successful, problem-free presentations. She suggests these five secrets for rocking your virtual classroom: prepare technology, multi-task effectively, engage participants, make the most of your voice, and make participants feel comfortable.


We've Got a Form for That!

The ASHA CE Providers homepage is full of information to aid CE Administrators in the development, implementation, and evaluation of continuing education courses. It is an understatement to say there is an abundance of information on the homepage. Exclusively meant for CE Administrators and CE Content Consultants, the homepage stores several important forms for registering and reporting on courses and offerings.

To assist with the day-to-day operations of your continuing education program, we have highlighted below a few go-to forms that can be easily found through the homepage:

  • Adding Course Offerings Form—As the title reads, this form is used to add offerings to a course. Along with any applicable cooperative fee payment, this form is due at least 3 days prior to each offering start date. Once the additional offerings have been added to the course, an e-mail confirmation will be sent.
  • Course Registration Information Change Form—Use this form to make revisions to the course description, request partial credit, change the CEU amount offered, reschedule an offering, or change the location of an offering.
  • Roster Corrections Form—After reviewing the offering roster, you can use this form to either add or delete participants from the roster. The other use of the Roster Correction Form is to adjust the number of CEUs awarded to a participant. If the 45-day deadline to make a roster correction is quickly approaching, log into the homepage to access this form to avoid missing any deadlines.

The forms posted to the homepage are meant to make the course registration and reporting process more streamlined. Log into the homepage to view all of the forms in the section titled Forms. Still can't find the exact form to capture the requested action? Your Provider Manager is only a phone call away and happy to assist!

Discounts and Deals for You to Promote Your Next CEU Seminar!

Marketing is the key to filling up those seats at your next conference, seminar, or course. In response to the various questions that we receive from CE Providers about marketing, ASHA has updated our tips for marketing to ASHA members. Eleven tips have been compiled from the various experts within ASHA who produce our conferences and courses. In addition, we surveyed our members and found that 65% of ASHA members consider direct mail to be an important tool for them to find CE opportunities. Are you surprised? You might think more e-mail blasts are the key, but how many e-mails are in your inbox right now? Imagine the effect direct mail can have. Over 112,000 individuals attended one or more CE courses from ASHA approved CE Providers last year; we can help you tap that market, save money, leverage the power of direct mail, and get noticed.

We know printing and postage are expensive, so we are here with discounts for you.

Deal #1: Buy one list to send out your Save the Date Card and get 30% off a 2nd list to send out your conference brochure.

Deal #2: Buy one list for 15% off

Both offers are available until December 31, 2014, and can't be combined with other discounts.Please contact Leah Byndon at [email protected] or 301-296-8676. For more information, go to ASHA/NSSLHA Mailing List.

Charging Fees for ASHA CEU Courses

As continuing education professionals, we all realize that there are fees associated with the price of doing business. For ASHA Approved CE Providers, these can include application, review, annual, appeal, cooperative activity, and 5-year review fees. Other areas where fees can be assessed relate to administrative fees associated with independent studies and/or fees charged to participants for processing ASHA CEUs.

ASHA CE has two standards of required practice, which speak directly to policies and procedures associated with fee structures.

  • 1.2—The Provider has established written policies concerning the criteria for any fees charged to monitor and approve an independent study.
  • 1.7—The organization has established written policies concerning the criteria for (a) refund of fees in the event a program is canceled or rescheduled by the Provider, (b) refund of fees when a participant cancels, and (c) the resolution of complaints from individuals not satisfied with the organization's continuing education services/programs. These policies should be stated.

Both of the required practice components above are important to remember—likewise, so is the need for a Provider to be cognizant of how, when, why, and where extra fees are assessed. Recently, we have heard from ASHA CE participants, as well as members of our CE Advisory Board, who are concerned about extraneous fees that seem excessive.

The ASHA Approved CE Provider is responsible for collecting, maintaining, and accurately reporting to the ASHA CE Registry those persons who have filled out the ASHA CEU Participant Form and desire to earn CEUs. ASHA CE expects that there are sufficient administrative resources that make it possible for an ASHA approved CE Provider to meet this accreditation standard. Bearing this in mind, ASHA CE discourages Providers from charging participants additional fees to process their CEUs.

However, if a Provider finds it necessary to charge, keep in mind that it is important to determine a cost that is fairly based on the level of administrative service required. The fee should not be viewed as a profit-making vehicle. Any processing fee charged by Providers must be identified in promotional materials as being assessed by the Provider, not ASHA. While ASHA CE strives to be non-prescriptive in areas such as this, we recommend that there be one flat fee in order to cover the Provider's cost for internal processing. There have been instances where groups have charged fees on a per-credit basis, which can ultimately become quite costly and dissuade persons from enrolling in order to earn ASHA CEUs.

Providers should keep in mind, while also helping to educate prospective cooperative parties, that ASHA CE Registry members pay a fee to the ASHA CE Registry. Ultimately, responsibility for the award and posting of ASHA CEUs rests with the ASHA CE Registry and only the ASHA CE Registry. In order to have CEUs recorded on the ASHA CE transcript, each Participant must have paid an annual ASHA CE Registry fee. The fee allows Participants to earn an unlimited number of ASHA CEUs annually. Providers are not responsible for collecting ASHA CE Registry fees. The Participant pays ASHA CE Registry fees directly to the ASHA National Office. For additional information, contact the ASHA CE staff for CE Registry fee subscription and CE Registry eligibility information.

In the future, should you find yourself in a position where extra fees might become necessary, remember that the ASHA CE Community site is a great resource to poll other CE Administrators and/or exchange information on best practices. Happy CEU planning!

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