Volume 4, Number 1

October 2012


CE Provider Networking Event

November 14


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Intersections is the quarterly e-newsletter distributed to ASHA Approved Continuing Education Providers to connect and exchange ideas in order to better accomplish their continuing education activities.


Leaders in Learning—A CE Provider Networking Event at This Year's Convention

Going to the Convention? This is one event you don't want to miss!

CE Administrators and content consultants will have a special networking opportunity the day before the Convention starts in Atlanta on November 14.

The Provider Workshop will be planned around the challenges many CEAs are having with implementing Requirement 3: Transparency in Course Planning, Delivery, and Marketing. We are interested to learn what questions/challenges you have related to the following topics, which we could address at the workshop:

  • identifying and disclosing course content focused on one product or device;
  • identifying and disclosing Instructional Personnel/Planner relevant relationships;
  • managing and disclosing financial and in-kind support;
  • managing exhibits and advertisements.

You can use this form to RSVP and/or reply.

We are seeking to build on last year's pre-Convention workshop by providing information in a discussion that will enable CEAs to connect with other Providers to learn what works and how to incorporate the information in future courses. For those of you who can't attend, we'll provide an update in a future Intersections e-newsletter.


Virginia Berry, former ASHA CE Board (CEB) member and CE Administrator (CEA) for Mississippi Speech Language Hearing Association (MSHA), unexpectedly passed away at her home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, last week. Virginia served two terms on the CEB and acted as CEA for MSHA from January 24, 2007 to February 2, 2011. She was a very detailed person, so that made her one of our outstanding CEAs! Every "i" was dotted and every "t" was crossed, and every part of a form was complete! After she left the CEB, she moved on to serve on the Advisory Council and most recently the Council for Clinical Certification in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. Virginia was a caring, generous colleague, teacher, administrator, leader, and friend. She prided herself in all the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) awards she had earned and wrote about what the ACE meant to her.

—Ellen Fagan, Director, ASHA Continuing Education

Dr. Ruth Roberts, a dedicated CE Administrator for the University of Tennessee–Health Sciences Center, passed away in July 2012. Though her tenure as CE Administrator was somewhat short (a bit less than five years) as compared to some others in university settings, Dr. Roberts' efforts showed a clear dedication to her work. I recall once asking her to verify how she would track attendance at a particular workshop being registering for ASHA CEUs and Ruth replied, "by my own presence." Although she was not a presenter in the program, she perceived it important to be there—not simply due to the knowledge being shared, but also for the level of responsibility she associated with the role of CE Administrator. My heartfelt condolences go out to Ruth's family, friends, and colleagues; her presence among us will be missed. Read a beautiful tribute from a colleague.

—Clay Colbert-Dorsey, ASHA CE Provider Manager

New! The ASHA Approved CE Provider Insignia

Provider Insignia Earlier this month, an e-mail was sent to all ASHA Approved CE Providers notifying them that a new insignia was available for them to use with a variety of print and electronic communications. The CE Provider Insignia is a way for learners to recognize your affiliation with ASHA Continuing Education and to know that you are offering exceptional learning experiences of high merit.

The ASHA Approved CE Provider Insignia is available to you through an e-mail link or on a CD in many different formats (eps, pdf, jpeg, pnc) for both print and online communications. A Guidelines Document [PDF] accompanies the insignia and explains the proper use and placement of the insignia. It also provides samples of how some of the Providers who participated in the pilot test have used the insignia in advertisements as well as on display at a conference.

The insignia does not take the place of the existing Brand Block. The Brand Block is still required for use on your primary course promotional material. The Brand Block is customized with your organization's name and includes accompanying text related to the specific course being promoted.

Unlike the Brand Block, the ASHA Approved CE Provider Insignia is not customized with your organization's name and there is no accompanying text. The Insignia is not to be used with the Brand Block. Use of the Insignia is optional; however, because of its convenience and versatility, we think you will find that it's a great way for you to identify yourself and gain immediate recognition.

To get started, contact your Provider Manager and request the insignia. If you choose to access the insignia through our e-mail link, you could be using it the same day! You'll be reading more about the insignia in Intersections, and there an article and announcements will appear soon in The ASHA Leader. Join your colleagues in using the new insignia and encouraging speech-language pathologists and audiologists to register for your exceptional courses!

Welcome to the Newest Members of the CE Staff

We are pleased to welcome two new Provider Account Managers to the ASHA CE staff: Rahel Solomon and Mijin Paik. Rahel and Mijin manage the receipt and initial review of all CE course registration forms and enter all course information into the CE database. They also manage our CE Providers' organizational records, invoices, and payments.

Rahel joined the CE Team in March 2012. She graduated from University of Maryland, University College with a degree in information systems. Before joining ASHA CE, Rahel worked for ADP as a product tester.

Mijin has an undergraduate degree in speech and hearing science from George Washington University and is passionate about the field of speech and hearing. Before joining ASHA, she worked for RHG Group, Inc., in Washington, D.C., where she was part of the office management and human resources team. Mijin joined our team in June 2012.


The National Training & Education Resource

Are you looking to improve your training programs with Web-based learning tools? Check out the U.S. Department of Energy's National Training & Education Resource (NTER).

It is an open-source platform of web-based learning tools that can be integrated with Moodle, Ilias, or other proprietary learning management systems to enhance training by providing authentic challenges in interactive 3D worlds.

Visit the National Training & Education Resource website for a demonstration.


Register ASHA CE Courses...Go Online and Save Time!

Join the growing list of CE Providers who have made registering courses quick and easy by using the Electronic Course Registration Form. Since the form was introduced in February 2012, more and more CE Administrators have chosen to submit courses electronically. In September 2012, almost 33% of courses registered were submitted using the Electronic Course Registration Form, and 160 of our 500 plus Providers have used it to submit their courses.

Here is what one of ASHA's CEA, Cory Tompkins of Career Improvement and Advancement Opportunities (CIAO), had to say about the form:

"ASHA's Electronic Course Registration is a great way to submit courses. It has saved us so much time, effort (and paperwork). The instructions are clear and take you step by step through the registration process...It is much easier to add multiple offerings during registration, and the system even lets you know if you missed something before you submit it."

Go online and save time! Use the Electronic Registration Form for your next course registration:

Nonfinancial Relationships—Help us help you!

We've heard that some instructional personnel and ASHA Approved CE Providers aren't sure what should be disclosed in terms of nonfinancial relationships. There is guidance in our Frequently Asked Questions about nonfinancial relationships with the two most applicable questions and answers found below.

What has to be disclosed about a nonfinancial relationship?

Planners and instructional personnel should think about the course content they are presenting and then determine if they have any personal, professional, political, institutional, religious, or other relationship(s) that needs to be disclosed. The planners and instructional personnel must disclose all nonfinancial relationships related to course content to the Provider. The Provider will determine through a guided discussion with the planners and instructional personnel if anything they disclosed cannot be resolved through disclosure to the attendees. Nonfinancial relationships must be disclosed during promotional efforts about the course and prior to the beginning of the course. If there are no nonfinancial relationships, this must be disclosed as well.

What are some examples of relevant nonfinancial relationships that planners and instructional personnel should disclose to the ASHA Approved CE Provider?

Personal: The individual has a personal friendship with someone in the company whose products are discussed in the course; the individual has a family member or friend with a disorder that will be talked about in the course

Professional: The individual is a member of an association or group that is talked about or referenced in the course; the individual has a professional bias about a way to deliver a particular service; he or she is employed by a company who is the ASHA Approved CE Provider of the course

Political: The individual has a political bias about a topic (e.g., health care reform) and his or her bias is toward supporting a particular party's position on this issue

Institutional: The individual is affiliated with an institution or organization (e.g., serves on a committee or board of that organization); the person is a member of that organization or gives money to its causes

Religious: The individual has a bias based on religious tenets (e.g., a bias toward service delivery at end of life based on religious beliefs).

Feedback Please

What questions are your instructors asking about nonfinancial relationships? What works well on your disclosure form in terms of nonfinancial relationships? What difficulties have you encountered gathering nonfinancial relationship information from your instructional personnel?

Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] subject line: Nonfinancial relationship feedback and let us know what needs to be clarified, what additional resources are needed, etc. We'd also love to hear from providers that have found a method for collecting nonfinancial relationship information that works well.

Electronic Reporting

Did you know that Electronic Reporting of post course offering results is another option offered by ASHA CE? This method is available to all ASHA-approved CE Providers who are able to meet specific data requirements. Additional information about this efficient reporting method can be found at the ASHA CE Provider site within the section about Reporting on Courses and Participants.

Specifically, Providers must be capable of creating files as outlined in the electronic activity reporting specifications document [PDF].

Now that participants can view their completed courses online, they are checking that their ASHA CE transcripts regularly. When you electronically report course completion results, participants transcripts are updated with new CEU information within a business day, which is a week sooner than would be done with regular reporting options.

If you are not already utilizing Electronic Reporting as an option and would like to consider doing so, please contact Jo Ann Linseisen at [email protected].

Intersections is developed and written by:
Karen Cohen, Clay Colbert-Dorsey, Joan Oberlin, Brandi Wilkins and Zachary Roach

Intersections is published by:
ASHA Continuing Education staff with the assistance of a volunteer advisory panel of ASHA Approved CE Providers: Marva Mount (EBS Healthcare), Wayne Secord (Red Rock Publications); Donna Spillman Kennedy (Selective Mutism Anxiety Research & Treatment Center), Susan Almon Mantangos (Aegis Therapies, Inc.), Cory Tompkins (Career Improvement & Advancement Opportunities), and Mark Witkind (Witkind Associates)

Managing Editors: Joan Oberlin, Ellen Fagan

Continuing Education Board Members:
Pauline Mashima (chair), Linda Carroll, Kirstin Chiasson, Twhanna Green, Sherri Lovelace Brooks, Pamela Jackson, Valeria Matlock, Mona Ryan, Amy Weiss, Robert Novak (monitoring vice-president), Jennifer Watson (monitoring vice-president) and Ellen Fagan (ex officio)

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