Volume 3, Number 2

October 2011

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Intersections is the quarterly e-newsletter distributed to ASHA Approved Continuing Education Providers to connect and exchange ideas in order to better accomplish their continuing education activities.


New ASHA CE Registry Recognition for ACE Recipients

Have you had a chance to see the ASHA Continuing Education (CE) webpages on How I "ACE"d ASHA Continuing Education? This program gives individuals who have earned the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) the opportunity to tell their story about their continuing education experiences, the value of the ACE in their professional practice, and any other interesting professional development–related anecdotes they'd like to share with others. By completing a brief questionnaire online and submitting it to ASHA CE, ACE awardees will be able to tell their story and be entered into a monthly drawing for a free 1-year ASHA CE Registry subscription. Also, some of the most meaningful submissions have been posted on the ASHA website. Take a few minutes to read some of these stories and find out about the significance of ASHA Continuing Education courses and the commitment to lifelong learning these recipients have made. They're inspiring!

Please encourage any ACE recipients who attend your courses to submit their story, and if you happen to be an ACE recipient—then you should also do it! We know you've had some interesting experiences and ASHA members really enjoy reading about their colleagues and getting to know a little bit about them through a personal account.

2012 ASHA Approved CE Provider Annual Fee

Invoices for the 2012 ASHA Approved CE Provider annual fee were mailed to the ASHA CE Administrator's address in early October. As a reminder, the fee is due by December 31, 2011. Contact your Provider Manager if you have not received the invoice.


Strategic Resources for E-Learning

Check out these blogs for a wealth of information on free software, technical support, and new concepts for e-learning:

After Word of Mouth, Direct Mail is Still #1

According to the latest ASHA Readership survey conducted in June 2010, 70% our members find direct mail very important/important when looking for CE opportunities. When you are making your marketing plans, don't forget about direct mail. As an ASHA CE provider, you can access ASHA's membership through our direct mail program and receive a special discount. ASHA has over 100,000 names available for purchase and over 100 different ways to target the membership. You can customize your list by employment setting, position types, populations served, zip codes, specialty areas, and many other categories. New this year is the Free Online Count Request Tool.


Implementing Requirement 3: Resources to Assist You in Complying

Many of you responded to the May 2010 and April 2011 requests for comments regarding Requirement 3: Transparency in Course Planning, Delivery and Marketing. The comment we kept seeing was "...provide us with templates or examples..." to help us implement the requirement.

Templates, Examples, and Guidance

We heard you! The CE staff and the Continuing Education Board (CEB) have developed a number of resources to assist providers in implementing Requirement 3. We are working on even more. Please let us know by e-mailing [email protected] what you find useful or if you have a template or resource that you'd like to share with your provider colleagues.

Early Bird Gets the Gift Card

Every ASHA Approved CE Provider must be compliant with Requirement 3 by July 1, 2012. Providers must complete an application addendum and submit it to ASHA CE by July 1, 2012. The application addendum is simply a way to communicate to ASHA CEB the policies and processes your organization has put in place to comply with the requirement.

To encourage you to get that application addendum submitted, we're offering a little incentive. CE Administrators who submit their organization's application addendum between:

  • October 2011 and 11/30/2011 – Receive a $100 Amazon gift card
  • December 2011 and 02/28/2012 – Receive a $50 Amazon gift card
  • February 2012 and 04/30/2012 – Receive a $25 Amazon gift card
  • May 2012 and 07/01/2012 – Receive a thank you gift from CE!

New Participant Form

In January 2011, the CE team began working on a CEB project to institute qualifications for earning ASHA CEUs. As a result, eligibility criteria were established.

Effective July 1, 2011, individuals must meet at least one of the following conditions to be eligible to earn ASHA CEUs.

  • ASHA member (includes Life Member and International Affiliate status)
  • ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) holder
  • Licensed by a state or provincial regulatory agency to practice speech-language pathology or audiology
  • Credentialed by a state regulatory agency to practice speech-language pathology or audiology
  • Credentialed by a national regulatory agency to practice speech-language pathology or audiology
  • Engaged in a Clinical Fellowship under the supervision of an individual with their ASHA CCC
  • Currently enrolled in a master's or doctoral program in speech-language pathology or audiology

You are not expected to obtain eligibility information for us, but there are some things you can do to help us get the information out about this new requirement:

  • We encourage you to post ASHA CEU eligibility criteria [PDF] on your website, in promotional materials, and at your live events.
  • Use the new ASHA CEU Participant Form [PDF] (Rev 8/2011), which has a place for participants to document their eligibility if they are not a member of or certified by ASHA. ASHA members and ASHA certificate holders do not need to complete the eligibility section on the participant form.
  • Electronic reporters may still submit their participants in the usual file format—that has not changed. You can inform attendees that they may submit their eligibility information directly to ASHA.

We encourage you to use the new ASHA CEU Participant Form [PDF] (Rev 8/2011) immediately, but choose the participant form that best fits your needs. If you have students and Clinical Fellows and non-ASHA members in your courses, use the new form with the eligibility information on it. If you have a known audience of ASHA members, you can stick to the original version (Rev 1/2011) until we communicate a date when we will no longer accept that form.

Announcing New Participant Appeal Form

As you know, participants occasionally find that ASHA CEUs they thought they earned are not recorded on their CE Registry Transcript. Usually, you receive a telephone call or e-mail from the participant inquiring about their ASHA CEUs. In those instances when the participant did not complete the CEU participant form or did not follow your instructions to be awarded ASHA CEUs, they will need to submit a participant appeal to the CEB.

A new Participant Appeal Form [PDF] is now available on the ASHA CE website. You should direct participants to this form if they need to submit a participant appeal. Participants must complete this form and e-mail, fax, or mail it to the ASHA CEB. Participants also must attach verification of course completion and explain the circumstances that prevented them from either completing the ASHA CEU Participant Form or following your instructions for earning ASHA CEUs. After the Participant Appeal Form is received, you will be contacted by your Provider Manager to verify the participant's attendance, successful completion of the course, and number of ASHA CEUs to be awarded. You will also be asked if you support the participant's appeal or if you disagree with the information submitted in the appeal.

This new Participant Appeal Form provides an easy-to-follow appeal submission process for participants and provides the CEB with all pertinent information needed from the participant to adjudicate the appeal. Submission of the appeal form is not a guarantee that the ASHA CEUs will be awarded. ASHA CEUs cannot be awarded retroactively. Appeals are adjudicated on a case-by-case basis, and the appeal circumstances, as well as the participant's appeal history are taken into consideration.

The Continuing Education FAQ on the ASHA CE website provides more information about participant appeals, including the appeal adjudication process, the Participant Appeal Form, and paying the ASHA CE Registry Fee.

Update on Online Registration

We will launch the new online course and offering registration form on January 1, 2012, and throughout the pilot testing process we received feedback from our CE Administrators about all of the new registration forms and processes that have been introduced and implemented since February of 2011.

The new online course and offering registration form has been pilot tested by CE Administrators, and we are using their feedback to make improvements prior to launching the form for all CE Administrators to use starting in January 2012. All of the CE Administrators in the pilot test have opted to continue to use the online course and offering registration form as we work to make the improvements suggested. The CE Administrators who participated in the pilot are sure that many of our CE Administrators will want to switch to the online form in 2012; however, using the online form will not be mandatory. Stay tuned for announcements on the CE section of the ASHA website in December for more information about the online form's features and benefits. Until then, please continue to use the paper course and offering registration form. 

Intersections is developed and written by:
Karen Cohen, Clay Colbert-Dorsey, Joan Oberlin, and Carol Williams

Intersections is published by:
ASHA Continuing Education staff with the assistance of a volunteer advisory panel of ASHA Approved CE Providers:
Susan Almon Mantangos (Aegis Therapies, Inc.), Cory Parodayco (Career Improvement & Advancement Opportunities), and Mark Witkind (Witkind Associates)

Managing Editors: Joan Oberlin, Ellen Fagan

Continuing Education Board Members:
Pauline Mashima (chair), Kirstin Chiasson, Twhanna Green, Sherri Brooks, Pamela Jackson, Valeria Matlock, Theresa Rodgers, Mona Ryan, Mary Ruth Sizer, Allan Diefendorf (monitoring vice-president), Jennifer Watson (monitoring vice-president) and Ellen Fagan (ex officio) 

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