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Staying Current: Historical Review of Changes in ASHA's Standards


Certification program started. Required for basic certificate: 30 semester hours, 275 hours of clinical practicum, 1 year of sponsored professional experience. No graduate degree and no national examination.


Requirement of a master's degree or equivalent 60 semester hours in specified areas, 275 hours of clinical practicum, 9 months of supervised full-time professional employment, a letter from the candidate's academic program director, and a passing score on a national examination.


Clinical practicum hours increased to 300.


Requirements added for amount and type of supervision of student practicum.


Master's or doctoral degree required (equivalency no longer accepted) as well as 75 hours of coursework (now including basic sciences) and 375 hours of observation and practicum (25 observation, 350 practicum) with 250 at the graduate level. During 36-week Clinical Fellowship, periodic formal evaluation of specific skills required.


New requirements adopted for the certificate in audiology: at least 75 hours of post-baccalaureate study; l2 months of full-time, supervised experience; and a doctoral degree. First two requirements effective January l, 2007; doctoral degree effective 2012.


Approved requirement of mandatory professional development for maintenance of the certificate in audiology, effective January l, 2003.


Approved changes in speech-language pathology certificate to include mandatory professional development effective January 1, 2005.


Applicants for certification in speech-language pathology must have completed: 36 graduate semester credit hours of academic course work, been assessed by their graduate academic program as having met the knowledge and skills mandated by the certification standards; 400 clock hours of supervised clinical practicum to include 25 hours of observation, 375 hours of direct client/patient contact, and 325 hours at the graduate level; completion of a supervised Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Fellowship experience, during which periodic formal evaluations of specific skills will be performed; and, successful passage of the Praxis examination in speech-language pathology.


Applicants for certification in audiology as of January 1, 2008 must have completed: a minimum of 75 graduate semester hours of postbaccalaureate study that culminates in a master's, doctoral, or other recognized academic degree during which the student has been assessed on the acquisition of specific knowledge and skills mandated by the January 1, 2007 Audiology Standards; practicum experience that is equivalent to a minimum of 12 months of full-time, supervised experience; and, successful passage of the Praxis examination in audiology.

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