Louisiana Hearing Screening Requirements for Newborns and School-Aged Children

The following information summarizes hearing screening programs for newborns and school-aged children.

The information has been collected by researching individual state statutes, regulations, policy documents, and by contacting each state. The information is reviewed on an annual basis. Please be advised that regulations and policy may change at any time, so always check with your state for the most up-to-date information.

Newborn Screening


Hospitals and alternative birthing sites shall conduct hearing screening on all newborn infants before discharge.


Referrals for infants failing screening must be made to the infant's primary care physician and a licensed audiologist within seven days of discharge by the birthing center.


Hearing screening will only be performed by:

  • Board eligible or board certified physicians with special training in auditory brainstem response testing and/or otoacoustic emissions and in infant hearing testing.
  • Audiologists licensed by the Louisiana Board of Examiners for Speech Pathology and Audiology with special training in auditory brainstem response testing and/or otoacoustic emissions testing and in infant hearing testing.

The following test procedures are the only acceptable methods for use in infant hearing screening:

  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) either automated or non-automated;
  • Evoked Otoacoustic Emission (EOAE);
  • Test levels, failure criteria and all other test parameters are set by protocols established by the Office of Public Health, upon recommendations of the State Advisory Council.


The Office of Public Health will develop a system for reporting diagnosis of hearing loss by primary health care providers, audiologists and parents for children up to age 5.

School-Age Screening

Ages/Populations Screened

Each city and parish school system shall require that every child entering kindergarten for the first time be given a nationally recognized readiness screening, including hearing screening.

Every city, parish, and other local public school board, during the first semester of the school year or within thirty days after the admission of any pupils entering the school late in the session, shall test the sight, including color screening for all first grade students, and hearing of each and all pupils under their charge.

Who Can Screen

Who can screen is not addressed by laws/regulations.

Training for Screeners

Training for screeners is not addressed by laws/regulations.

Type of Testing

Type of testing is not addressed by laws/regulations.

Equipment Standards

Equipment standards are not addressed by laws/regulations.

Follow-up Protocols & Documentation

Follow-up protocols and documentation are not addressed by laws/regulations.


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