2013 Public Policy Agenda


The 2013 Public Policy Agenda (PPA) was prepared by the 2012 Government Relations Public Policy Board. It serves as the navigation for driving advocacy efforts taken on by the Association. Input was provided through survey responses received from over 4,000 members. The agenda focuses on issues facing the professions at both the federal and/or state level. The board undertook this work with a common understanding that underlies each issue objective in the PPA by relying on the foundational principles to provide a common thread throughout the agenda.

2013 Public Policy Agenda


Federal and State Level

State Level

Member Advocacy

ASHA members can help move ASHA’s advocacy efforts forward by serving as advocates for the professions. They can

  • share the Association's public policy agenda with peers to educate others on the advocacy efforts for 2013,
  • participate in e-advocacy through ASHA’s take action website at, where the Association asks members to contact Congress about key issues affecting the professions,
  • sign up to be a Grassroots Captains—needed from every congressional district and state across the country.

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