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CAA Standards, Procedures, and Reporting

Seeking or continuing to maintain CAA Accreditation speaks to a program's commitment to quality, to excellence, and to be open to review by peers. Determine what, when, and how to submit accreditation materials for CAA review by accessing the information below.

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Standards for Accreditation

2008 Standards for Accreditation of Graduate Education Programs in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology [PDF]

Revised Accreditation Standards

At its February 2013 meeting, CAA approved changes to implementation language for three standards and made minor revisions for the implementation language of one additional standard. The minor editorial changes were approved in July 2013. All changes will go into effect January 1, 2014; no changes were made to the standards themselves at either meeting. A side-by-side comparison [PDF] has been developed to highlight the modifications and the rationale for each change.

Revision Summaries for Updated Standards and Implementation Language – 2008 Standards for Accreditation

Standards Resources

CAA Accreditation Standards Review

The CAA launched its comprehensive review of the accreditation standards in 2014. Find out more about the activities related to this critical activity, including peer view by all stakeholders in the accreditation process.

Policies and Procedures

Public Comment


  • Chapter XIII in the Accreditation Handbook
    • Procedures for Complaints Against a Graduate Education Program
    • Procedures for Complaints Against the CAA

Reporting Changes

Programs are required to notify CAA when changes occur in the program that relate to an accreditation standard. Most changes, such as those related to faculty or curriculum, are typically reported through annual reports. However initiatives that meet CAA's defintions within the Substantive Change policy must be reported and approved by the CAA in advance of implementation. Other changes that have a direct and significant impact on the program's potential ability to comply with standards, such as those regarding administrative structure or program leadership, must be reported to the CAA when they occur. The policy and procedures in Chapter XI, "Expectations of Programs," of the Accreditation Handbook articulate how and when to report the following types of changes to the CAA:

  • program director changes;
  • changes in administrative structure;
  • program closure;
  • substantive changes.

Submitting Accreditation Reports to CAA

For programs voluntarily seeking accreditation, the CAA requires documentation of compliance with its Standards for Accreditation, via completion and submission of an accreditation application and annual accreditation reports. The accreditation peer review process is comprehensive—looking at a program from many angles and against standards that have been developed by the profession as indicators of quality in the discipline of communication sciences and disorders. As a result, detailed documentation is required.

As of May 2009, programs must submit Applications for (Re)Accreditation and Annual Reports through the online Higher Education Data System (HES). Programs planning to file an Application for Candidacy or a Substantive Change Plan must use the appropriate form and submit according to the outlined procedures.

Please note: E-mail reminders for Annual Reports and Application for (Continued) Accreditation are sent to the program director approximately 4 months prior to the date of submission. Programs are required to notify the Accreditation Office 5 months in advance before filing certain reports, e.g., substantive change plans. For instructions, questions, or additional information please contact staff as indicated below.

Form Due Date Notice of Intent Required? Should a Fee Accompany? Staff Contact
Application for Accreditation February 1 or August 1 Yes (initial only) Yes–initial applications; No–continuing accreditation Sue Flesher
Annual Report February 1 or August 1 No No Sue Flesher
Application for Candidacy [DOC] Rolling Yes Yes Sue Flesher
Candidacy Annual Progress Report [DOC] February 1 or August 1 No No Sue Flesher
Substantive Change Plans February 1 or August 1 Yes No Sue Flesher
Administrative Structure Change Notice [DOC] Within 30 days of change n/a No
Program Director Change Notice [DOC] Within 30 days of change n/a No

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