CAA-Accredited Academic Program Statistics

March 2015

Summary of Program Counts


269 institutions of higher education that sponsor CAA-accredited or candidate programs

  • 260 speech-language pathology
  • 75 audiology

Speech-Language Pathology Programs

  • 246 master's level speech-language pathology programs with accredited status
  • 14 master's level speech-language pathology programs with candidacy status

Audiology Programs

  • 73 doctoral level programs in audiology with accredited status
    –includes 5 consortia
  • 2 doctoral level program in audiology with candidacy status

Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
Read about the purpose and role of the CAA and its national recognition status as an accrediting agency. Information about accreditation status classifications can be found in the CAA Accreditation Manual.

History of Accreditation
Information about a program's history as an accredited or candidate program can be found online, including the month and year in which it was first awarded accreditation and/or candidacy status. Questions about a specific program's accreditation history or status should be directed to

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