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Ask the CAA Featured Question

What are CAA's expectations related to program faculty and supervisors holding the ASHA CCC?

The CAA does not require that the program faculty and supervisors hold the ASHA CCC or any other credential, but it does look to confirm that the experience and qualifications are appropriate to each person's responsibilities in the program, as discussed in CAA's Standard 2.1 [PDF]. The CAA expects programs to provide opportunity for students to acquire the knowledge and skills to enter independent professional practice. In these professions, this includes having a variety of supervised clinical experiences across practice settings, etc. along with a record of clinical hours to support a graduate's application for professional credentials. The CAA utilizes the program's mission statement and goals as a central to its review along with the Standards for Accreditation [PDF]. If the program's goal is to prepare graduates to be eligible for ASHA certification, then CAA would look to see that the program had sufficient resources, e.g., CCC supervisors, to support achievement of this goal because that is an ASHA certification requirement.

What is the program's responsibility in informing students about supervisor credentials?

Occasionally, the CAA is asked about the program's responsibility to appropriately inform students of the potential risk of not being eligible for ASHA certification, if not being supervised by someone who holds the ASHA CCC. The CAA is not prescriptive in how this would be demonstrated, however, it would ask programs to provide some reasonable evidence that the students have been informed and have acknowledged receipt of this information in a timely manner at the beginning of their program of study.

This is not a requirement that is unique to the credentialing question; Standard 4.3 [PDF] requires that programs inform students..."about the program's policies and procedures, degree requirements, requirements for professional credentialing, and ethical practice." Standard 5.2 [PDF] addresses the process and content tracked by the program to document each student's progress through the program and to support his or her credential applications when they leave the program.

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