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Developing a Strategic Plan for a Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Strategic Plan: Outcomes


Outcome: An explicit statement of the changes the program must make and the results that it must effect in its environment to deal with an identified issue and achieve its desired future/vision/mission. An Outcome is a specific, vital, positive organizational or environmental change that moves the program forward to its desired future. The Outcome must be based on identified issues and they must provide the basis for developing strategies to achieve the outcome. The Outcome indicates the direction of change desired (increase, decrease, maintain).

Writing the Strategic Plan: Outcomes

Example Focus Area: Research

Example Issue: An enhanced culture for conducting and publishing applied and efficacy research is necessary to foster a research community and to increase the current level of faculty research and publications, and is essential to provide evidence-based clinical practice.

Baseline Data for Example Issue: For 20XX-20XX only X% of the faculty conducted research activities related to communication sciences and disorders. There were only X number of presentations related to research conducted by faculty and only X number of articles published related to faculty research in communication sciences and disorders

Example Outcome: Increase number of faculty who conduct research activities.


[Identify one or more Outcomes for each identified issue.]

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