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Developing a Strategic Plan for a Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Envisioned Future

An Envisioned Future is a simple and concise scenario/picture of an ideal, desired future for the program at the end of a specific period of time (10-20 years). The envisioning process involves the faculty team coming to consensus concerning what the future program will look like. By engaging in an envisioning process, the program is beginning to create its own future. The Envisioned Future sets direction and helps to focus the program's strategic planning efforts. The Envisioned Future does not supplant the 3-year strategic plan. The Envisioned Future sets the tone and direction for the strategic planning process.

What will the program look like in 20XX? Write a memo describing what the program looks like 10 years from now.

Start the memo-"It is 20XX and the program…"

Note: Review the memos prepared and combine the information to develop an agreed upon Envisioned Future scenario for the program.

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