American Speech-Language-Hearing Association


ASHA President Elizabeth McCrea, PhD, CCC-SLP, discusses ASHA's Identify the Signs campaign; a public service campaign raising awareness among parents, caregivers and educators about the early signs of communication disorders.

ASHAsphere: Reignite Careers in Schools

How to Begin or Reignite Your Career in Schools
Lisa Mabry-Price, MS, CCC-SLP, talks about 10 tips to help SLPs get started if they're thinking about making a career change into school settings.

Episode 27: Early Speech & Language Development of Children
How can you tell the difference between a child who may have a speech or language disorder and a "late bloomer?" What are the benefits of early intervention? Speech-language pathologist and ASHA fellow Elizabeth Crais answers these and other key questions as part of ASHA's Identify the Signs campaign.

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