Public Service Announcement for ASHA's Identify the Signs campaign; a public service campaign raising awareness among parents, caregivers and educators about the early signs of communication disorders.

ASHAsphere: Speech Pathology Australia

Another Viewpoint on the Proposal from the Speech Pathology of Australia
Is it always right to use evidence-based practice in stuttering treatment? Is that the only treatment that should be covered by insurance? Marshall University professor and SLP Craig Coleman thinks a controversial proposal on stuttering treatment from Speech Pathology of Australia could set an unfortunate precedent.

Episode 31: Building Language & Literacy Skills During the Lazy Days of Summer
Summers mean a break from academics for most kids, but that doesn’t mean learning should stop, particularly for elementary school children who are building so much foundational knowledge. Certified SLP Lyndsey Zurawski offers tips and advice for parents about how to stimulate children’s language skills during everyday activities over the break—helping them build literacy skills and setting the stage for long-term academic success.

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