American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Board of Ethics

Liaisons with the Vice Presidents for Standards and Ethics in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

Board Charge

Formulate and, from time to time, amend the Code of Ethics containing the professional responsibilities by which members and certificate holders shall be bound; develop educational programs and materials on ethics for distribution to members and certificate holders, to academic programs, and to other agencies and associations; formulate and publish procedures that shall be used for the processing of alleged violations of the Code of Ethics, including a reasonable opportunity to be heard through counsel of one's own choosing; use its discretion to determine sanctions for violations, including revocation of membership and certification.


Douglas M. Hicks, Chair
Robert E. Novak, Board Liaison
Lissa Power-deFur, Board Liaison

For a complete listing of Board of Ethics members, please send an email to

Staff Liaison

Heather Bupp, Esq., ex officio

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