American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Board of Directors Meeting Report: March 18, 2012

The Board of Directors (BOD) of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) met on the afternoon of March 18, 2012, at the ASHA National Office. Following are highlights of the Board's discussions.

President's Welcome

President Chabon thanked Nancy Alarcon, chair of the Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Council; Wayne Foster, chair of the Audiology Advisory Council; Vic Gladstone, chief staff officer for audiology; and Lemmie McNeilly, chief staff officer for speech-language pathology, for their excellent work in preparing and conducting the advisory council meetings.

Advisory Council Meetings

The BOD expressed appreciation for the level of engagement, open flow of communication, high level of involvement, and enthusiasm of the members of both advisory councils. The Board agreed that the feedback provided by the councils will be very helpful as decisions are made at future Board meetings. Advisory council members will be provided with additional information via the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Councils' collaboration websites through which they will continue to advise the BOD throughout the year.

Discussion of Feedback About the Governance Restructure

Immediate Past President Paul Rao and Vice President for Planning Barbara Moore led the Board in a brief follow-up discussion regarding the feedback just received from the Advisory Councils about the governance restructure. The Board will continue to use this and all other feedback received to help determine what, if any, changes to ASHA's bylaws should be implemented.

Bylaws Resolutions

Chief Staff Officer for Communications Marty Rome reported that 33 members provided feedback to the Board about three recent resolutions that require changes to ASHA's bylaws. The verbatim comments have been consolidated into a single document and posted to the BOD collaboration site so that Board members can review the comments as they discuss and vote on these resolutions.

ADA Lawsuit Update

Chief Staff Officer for Audiology Vic Gladstone briefly reviewed the history and current status of ADA's lawsuit against ASHA. He reminded the Board that the origins of the suit stemmed from a letter ASHA received in June of 2011 from an attorney for ADA regarding letters ASHA sent to a small number of audiologists who were ASHA certificate holders related to certification maintenance. ADA believed that the letters and some information on the ASHA website were misleading. ASHA felt that the communications were clear and pointed out that we had never received a single comment from a certificate holder that indicated the information was confusing. ASHA felt that ADA was taking aspects of the communications out of context, but to be as clear and responsible as possible in our communications, ASHA modified the letters and the website. ASHA informed ADA's lawyer that it was modifying the letters and was in the process of finalizing the modifications to the letters when ADA filed its lawsuit. ADA also filed a motion for preliminary injunction requesting that the language not be used, both on a preliminary basis while the lawsuit is pending and permanently. The preliminary injunction issue has been resolved, but the other issues of the lawsuit remain and are proceeding.

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